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Comment Re:Semi-related question (Score 1) 164

As others commented, your best bet is to clear out a week or so, with the scheduled launch early in the week, so if it's delayed a couple days, you can still catch it. That's what the wife and I did a couple years back, to catch a launch.

As for viewing the launch, as damn_registrars said, unless you've got a good buddy in high government to get you a pass, or a NASA Press Pass, you won't be all that close. You can either watch from the Visitors Center, but, IIRC, you can't actually see the launch towers from there, get there early and grab a spot on one of the public roads around the Cape, or, watch from the Astronaut Hall of Fame / Space Camp roof (if they're still doing that)

Comment My current box... (Score 1) 272

My current box hosting VMs is the following:
Core2 Duo 6600
4GB Ram
2 100+GB HDs (might be 250s, don't recall off hand)
MB is a Supermicro X7SBA (probably the most expensive part)

I'm using MS Hyper-V server (I'm not a Linux user), and it works quite well. Yeah, I can't run 10 different VMs simultaneously, but I can run what I need for learning / experimentation, etc.

Comment Pick a year, then adjust the clocks by 1/2 hour... (Score 1) 755

and be done with it. No more DST. So, if it were decided that next spring, would be the year, everyone would adjust their clocks by 1/2 hour forward, and then never adjust them (for DST) again. If you're a state that doesn't do DST, tough, adjust your clock to match everyone else in the time zone, you won't be doing it again, anyways.

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