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Crystal Gillis writes: "The great American dream of opportunity for entrepreneurs (and others) who are starting up and operating on a shoestring budget is slowly dwindling, however it does still exist. If you apply a little ingenuity and creativity there are still a few entities out there that will help you out, and in turn benefit from the relationship themselves. One such entity is If you visit Magnatune you'll find musicians who WANT regular listeners to share their music (OMG!). They also want to help entrepreneurs and others succeed by offering quality affordable music and licensing. Whether you are making a film, web page, podcast, or need telephone hold music, retail space or event background music, is there to help you make it happen. Magnatune is the real deal, as proven by some of their "bigger" clients: Gearhead Pictures (Blair Witch Project, The Strand), Renault, Hitachi, Regal Entertainment--National movie theatre circuit, Linden Research--Makers of hit online role-playing game Second Life, and Amway to name just a few. Sadly, record companies can't possibly give every talented musician in this world fair share of the spotlight they deserve, but you can."
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