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Comment Re:What annoys me (Score 0) 265

Really? It must be my sources, but right now for example I find it very difficult to find on the web more than 2-3 *actual* photos or videos of the moon surface from their rover. It seems there are not even dedicated sites to that. Man, a rover on the moon! Which you could control almost in real-time, unlike Mars. We're not talking about kittens on youtube.

Comment What annoys me (Score 1) 265

What annoys me more is that such Chinese activities are almost a secret to the rest of the world, I don't know if they or us are to blame for that. I guess the majority of us did not even know they had two space stations, astronauts doing space walks, and what about that probe they sent to the moon? I mean, this achievements are so important for human kind in general, they should at least share the non-strategic details with the rest of the world.

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