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Submission + - A Political Party for the Grown-Up Geek?

lythander writes: A quandary for the modern geek: which political party to affiliate with, or none at all? I live in a very blue state, and am registered blue on the theory that since mostly blues will be sent to office, voting in the (closed — i.e. blue-only) primaries matters most. I sit firmly in the middle and/or outer edges of politics depending on the topic. I view people who are strongly blue or red as decidedly foolish and/or narrow-minded, and feel they should think for themselves. I have considered libertariansism, independence, green, and not-affiliated, which seems to only serve to remove me from a large chunk of the political process. Ans of course, there is no registered American pirate party (yet!) I do vote, and feel that the only way to work for change is to work within the system (I am no Matthew Sobol,)but from which direction? I'm not a politician, just a geek with a wife, kids, and a typical sub-urban life. Oh, and chickens. Does that matter?
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Submission + - So how can filtering be done?

lythander writes: Companies and parents try to do it here in the US, China does it (hamhandedly), Australia is about to trial it (and will go down in flames). From years of being against it for all the right reasons, I understand that kids shouldn't see porn, and some things are just abhorrent and should be removed (insert inflamatory child exploitation reference here). How can it be done without trampling civil liberties, without imposing one country's laws on another, etc.? This is a question for the times, where people who understand civil liberty, human rights, law enforcement on an international scale and technology must come together to seriously discuss and solve this issue before the demogogues who would use the cry, "Think of the children!" to impose their puritan views on the Net can. I was looking for serious discussion, but I came to Slashdot instead.

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