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Comment OpenGrok (Score 1) 532

During a co-op job I worked on a very large multi-platform app (several million lines of code)

the team had an LXR setup to do project wide searching, however it was aging and having problems, and is a bit difficult to work with.
As a side project intended for a report once I was back on campus, I set up OpenGrok, which worked brilliantly, and was reasonably easy to configure, and nicer to use once we got it setup. The team liked it enough that they switched to that permanently.
both are open source, and were built to handle large code bases (LXR was built for the linux kernel, OpenGrok for when Sun open sourced Solaris).

Another one I had tried, which was very easy to setup was Gonzui. It's also open source, but didn't really handle the huge codebase as well as OpenGrok or LXR. For under 100k lines, it's probably fine, and the ease of setup may be worth it.

All three provide a web interface, and do indexing as a separate process from search, so we would re-index the code base nightly. works very well for larger teams, might be overkill for what you need though.

Comment Re:unpossible (Score 1) 1343

(I'm a current Engineering student at UW)
For engineering, if you pass the ELPE (The test mentioned in TFA) you are not required to take an English course.
You are not required to pass it on your first try, only by the end of the first semester of second year. The exam is run three times a year; there are a number of opportunities to clear it.
It consists of a single short essay (50 minutes, with an expectation of 300-500 words) on a non-technical topic.
Two prompts from previous years:
"What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about your field of study?" and
"Orientation week is intended to help high school students make the transition to university by providing opportunities to meet people and preparing them for the challenges of university life. How well do you think it is serving its function?"

Comment Re:Kijiji? (Score 3, Informative) 129

Kijiji is actually quite big in most of Ontario. As far as I've seen, Toronto is about the only place where Craigslist is bigger than Kijiji.
This is really irritating, as Kijiji is stuffed with adertising, tries to upsell you for higher placement, etc. etc.
not sure why it happened in the first place, but it's the state of things.

Comment Re:Canada (Score 1) 253

One of the really interesting Canadian examples is Sasktel.

They're a crown corporation (government owned company) that provides phone and broadband service.

I was getting good service, a fast connection, and no bogus "unlimited-unless-you-actually-try-and-use-it" HDTV over IP, and they don't do traffic shaping, screwing with bittorent, or any of the other usual crap. All for less than I'm now paying in downtown Toronto.

Oh, and Saskatchewan has an exceedingly low population density. The only two cities are only about 200k each, and the total population of the province is only just over a million.

Comment Re:The ultimate irony (Score 1) 399

50 years ago film had already been around for a fair while the 120 film standard, that used for most medium format cameras, was introduced in 1901. Reasonable quality digital has only been here for about a decade. The technology is still evolving in leaps and bounds. A decade after film photography was invented, the technology had yet to stabilize. give it a couple decades, and the same thing will probably happen to digital, the cameras will hit the reasonable limit, and their value will stabilize.

Comment Re:I just call them Web Designers (Score 1) 586

you can't call yourself an Engineer unless you have an Engineering degree

It's actually a bit more restricted than that. The requirements vary somewhat by province, but Ontario's require:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • be of good character;
  • meet Education Standards established by PEO;
    - that would be the engineering degree from an accredited university
  • meet engineering Experience Requirements ;
    - 4 years work experience (you can get a max of one year for work experience while doing your undergrad degree, and one year for doing a grad degree)
  • pass the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) on engineering law and ethics.

And they are VERY enthusiastic about enforcement.

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