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Comment No source for statement. (Score 4, Informative) 329

I actually RTFA because I thought it was odd and I was curious on how Windows could block browsers from a technical standpoint.

The article leads to a Mozilla blog from which in turns links to another blog on from Microsoft which in no ways mention limiting browsers on Windows for Arm. So this quite strong claim has no actual source.

Comment Re:Just like in Norway too (Score 1) 473

Sounds like someone with a calculator and a bunch of coins could save a lot of money in several small purchases. Beats using coupons.

Yes at a whopping maximum saving of NOK 0.49 per purchase (requiring you to buy fifty-one x.99 items) if you run from store to store you could make maybe six purchases an hour and get save a whopping of NOK 2.94 an hour or about USD 0.50.

Something tells me this is not a big problem.


Training an Immune System To Kill Cancer: a Universal Strategy 201

New submitter Guppy writes "A previous story reported widely in the media, and appearing both on Slashdot and XKCD, described a novel cancer treatment, in which a patient's own T-cells were modified using an HIV-derived vector to recognize and kill leukemia cells. In a follow-up publication (PDF), a further development is described which allows for a nearly unlimited choice of target antigens, broadening the types of malignancies potentially treatable with the technique (abstract)."

Comment Re:what's wrong with rounding (Score 1) 825

Unless you habitually buy groceries for less than 16 cents the price is just as likely to be rounded up as down. So no, it doesn't add up to hundreds of dollars.

I'm pretty sure cost of living in Sweden is higher than in some parts of the states but I doubt it is that much higher.

Comment Re:Really cool (Score 1) 220

You have to realize that if what you are saying is true, you are unique among mankind. Several controlled studies have been unable to find any difference between HFHP diets and other diets of the same caloric value. Occam's razor therefore strongly suggest that you either
1: have made some kind of mistake
2: suffer from an inability to make absorb fat/protein (e.g. colon damage)

If none of these would be true, volunteer for a scientific study your claims are extraordinary and understanding of how your body works would surely be a benefit to society.

Comment Re:Really cool (Score 1) 220

There is no evidence whatsoever that a high fat/high protein diet of equal amount of calories as a high carbohydrate would lead to increased weight loss.

Most likely you are severely over estimating the energy amount of your high fat/high protein diet as high protein diets have been shown to lead to a voluntary decrease in caloric intake in controlled trials. Try carefully documenting your intake of calories over an extended period of time and you will probably see that you are actually eating much less than you think you are.

If you are seriously eating many more calories a day of fat and protein without significant weight gain, I suggest an urgent visit to a doctor. With such a significant difference in caloric intake without any effects you are very likely to be having severe colonial malfunction which could lead to internal bleedings, infections and death.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 688

control.Enabled = false;
control.Enabled = true;

That you couldn't find a simple property searching through msdn says a lot about you.


Hell "disable control c#" gives you an answer in the first hit on google. The msdn page might be a little to technical for you so might I suggest starting with:


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