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Comment Re:They're living on the government teat. (Score 2) 135

I don't agree with the ad hominem attacks or his logic, however he does have a point. The costs of education have greatly outstripped inflation, even at state institutions. When this happens, I guarantee that some people are bilking the system.

The bad part is that it is really going to damage the US in the long run. In our post industrial economy, intellectual ability will be the best export, and that future is being marginalized as the investment is growing out of the average person's reach.

Comment childhood diseases, procedure biased the sample (Score 1) 554

I am of two minds on this...

Even though the US diet isn't that great many of the diseases that were fairly common during the depression era are no longer that common. My dad knew of many kids that had rickets, and I have never known, or even heard of, a modern case.

I think, however, that many of the people that are taking vitamins, or even think that they are taking them (e.g. the placebo vs vitamin study) may become a little more health conscience and make it a point to eat their veggies.

Comment call me a luddite, but I do not want this (Score 1) 86

Quite frankly, why would anyone? There are places where automation and real time data feeds make sense, like an ICU for example. I have to honestly ask myself, what would this bring me? Happiness? Peace of Mind? Not really. I'm already connected enough. I don't want my appliances, car, whatever... jacked in. I see no real benefit, but a lot of risk.

When I upgraded my phone the decision not to get a smart phone was easy. What is the payoff? I give easier access to corporations and/or government easier ways to keeps tabs on me. What would the benefit be? More access to email? Woohoo! That is exactly what I'm striving for. I've long accepted the fact that I'm really not that important and perpetual access is not something that I really need or want. I have a gps in my car. It gets me in the ballpark without being a transmitter. I'm not scanning UPCs to see what a better deal I can find at the spot. If it's that important, I will do the research and make a decision. Plus, I also like brick and mortar stores. I knowingly pay extra in the hopes that I can help keep them around. In particular, I fear the demise of bookstores. I've found some real gems going into a local book store and perusing.

That is not to say that the internet doesn't have its place either. This last weekend I was able to replace the stepper motors in the instrument cluster of my truck thanks to youtube and finding the parts on the internet.

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