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Submission + - How your car will make better use of the data it collects every time you drive (

mattydread23 writes: Are we finally going to outgrow the days of idiot lights with obscure messages like "Check Engine?" Researchers at IHS Automotive think so. Your car is already collecting a ton of information, from how much gas you're using to how often you play the radio. As sensors get more accurate, and carmakers find ways to transmit this information back to dealerships, we could finally get cars that actually give you intelligent warnings before breaking down. Plus, a better interior experience based on your actual usage.

Comment Re: Lesson to all business side folks (Score 1) 346

Technical side gets plenty of blame. Where are the software metrics that can give a rough estimate on how much effort a project should take? Not easily available, because most of the software world resists FPA.) Where are the reusable domains? Non-existent, because most of the software developers want to stay at the 3GL level.

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