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Journal Journal: Yet another Multi-Media Machine Update

Well, the Gyration keyboard stopped working completely. The receiver doesn't even blink anymore when you press a button. I've changed the batteries and have gone through the "hardware" setup procedures for it a couple of times. It simply doesn't work anymore. To avoid frustration, I'ld suggest not using Gyration's products. Certainly don't use them with Linux unless you have time to burn.
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Journal Journal: Home multi-media machine update 2

Well, I've installed Mandrake 9.1 stable on the thing. After some fiddling, not really knowing how the device driver stuff works, I've figured out that I can get the Gyration mouse to work every other boot by having a normal USB mouse plugged in on every other boot, weird. The other problem I've discovered is that the gyration mouse can get dizzy. This manifests after turning quickly while holding the Gyration mouse by a constant drift in one direction regardless of how the mouse is being held.
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Journal Journal: Mini-ITX MultiMedia Machine

I have constructed a low-noise multimedia computer using a Via EPIA-M motherboard with a 600 Mhz Eden processor. The TV input is done via a Haupage WinTV 401b card. Which is a funny card because it uses the computer's audio-in to record sound (via an external jumper). If I was doing it again, I would look for another TV encoder card which did not have this problem and/or had mpeg2 encoding built in. The operating system is currently Mandrake 9.1 beta using the ALSA sound drivers. The biggest problem I am having is getting the system to recognize my gyration mouse as a mouse. Hopefully the upgrade to Mandrake 9.1 stable will fix this problem.

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