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Comment Re:Once upon a time ... (Score 1) 206

>Once upon a time the idea was also that if you paid a subscription you got the whole package, not a bunch of cherry-on-top paid DLCs for games etc., but like the above idea about ads those days are gone and will never be coming back.

That is why I never buy new top games, I wait until the "ultimate edition" with all the DLCs comes out a year or two later. It also tends to be cheaper than the original so it is a win in many ways for me and in the end the company gets less total money from me than if they just released the whole game at once as then I might buy the full price version.

Comment Happy to live here... (Score 5, Informative) 101

...where we have laws against using technical means to watch others who are in protected areas.

Basically anyone can use things like drones, cameras and so on in the public places and similar(where there is no expectation of privacy), but using anything technical to look into someone's home(and some other locations) is forbidden. The protection of homes is actually pretty strong in other things too.

And yes this includes old ladies with binoculars peeping.
A fun case was when some old biddy complained to the police about someone stretching in their 3rd floor window nude that she can see clearly with her binoculars from across a park and she was the only one charged with a crime since she was using a technical device(the binoculars) to secretly look into a protected area(The other person's home).

Comment Re:Changes won't fix the problem, but still good i (Score 1) 123

Lets encrypt does the checks for control of domain like the other certificate authorities.

And really people should use DNS Certification Authority Authorization(RFC 6844) to only allow the certificate authorities they want to use. Though I am not sure if all certificate authorities follow it yet, but at least most do so it is risk mitigation.

Comment Re:The slowest thing in the datacentre ... (Score 1) 100

While mostly true that the answer is usually/often network, there are some high data loads where actual database performance might still be a bottleneck and others where the actual calculations or other manipulations(=cpu) are the slow link so there is still a need to look at the values.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 402

I do not know about recent UI people as I do not work with such, but when it comes to other computer education, people with recent such seem to have a lot of horrible gaps in their learning of basics way too often,

We have had people with masters degree in Computer science that has included a large number of programming courses when asked "Name three sorting algorithms, describe the basic idea of each of them with a few words and tell when each might be a good choice" just look at you blankly. And many similar gaps.

So I am afraid that the UI people might well be the same.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 402

Indeed. I wonder why people work so hard to ruin things.

The old saying of "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity", might be true in some cases, but it boggles my mind to think that ALL UI designers could be stupid. So I am starting to think that it must be a conspiracy to make using computers hard again or something similar.

Comment Re: No thanks (Score 1) 402

Actually I have found command line image editing much better than any GUI tool I have seen when the need was to manipulate more than a tiny number of images. Doing things like creating down sampled versions of 10 000 images is so much easier with command line.

Again getting back to the point of right tool. Unix style command line tools tend to be much better than any GUI tool when you need to repeat the same operation on multiple files.

Comment Re:Sounds awesome. (Score 1) 90

And yet there is also the Swedish example where in many/most cities the municipality has a fiber network, but that network is then usable by any ISP on equal terms. Most people then buy their connection from the ISPs that in turn use the last mile and backbone services of the municipal network.

Now granted much of the reason why they built those networks was in response to Telias behavior of not wanting to play nice. (Their previous monopoly)

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