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Comment Re:As opposed to... andLinux? (Score 1) 280

why wouldn't you just run secureCRT? I mean, I like the linux desktop as much as the next slashdotter. But if I'm forced into a windows machine at work (I am) just run a windows terminal. It works fine, has tabs, fowards X, all that stuff.

On yeah, and get Console2 to replace the normal command console that windows has (OMG - resizable windows!?). And there are a number of GNU tools compiled under windows to run a shell (bash, vi, ssh, grep, awk, etc etc)
(they're old, but they work)
(also old, but works)

I've combined all three to get a useful windows machine.
The Media

Submission + - MSNBC Moves Countdown with Keith Olbermann to NBC (

Advocate123 writes: NBC found it appropriate to put Keith Olbermann on NBC in lieu of real News before Sunday Night Football. Could anyone imagine the liberal outrage if "The O'Reilly Factor" was on FOX's Network directly before a football game? Of course you could not imagine it; it would never happen.

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