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Submission + - GE is 3D printing a working jet engine...

lurking_giant writes: GE Aviation's Additive Development Center near Cincinnati has produced a number of firsts... but they are now demonstrating a working jet engine, (OK, it's sized for an RC model) The engine turns at 33,000 RPM and is made from all 3D metal printed parts.
They used the same EOS M270 3D printer that they use to produce the first and only FAA flight approved hardware, a T25 Pres and temp sensor for use in GE90 jumbo jet engines.

Submission + - Data Mining errors can hurt people.

lurking_giant writes: Although I've seen few other reports of this happening, I personally witnessed the emotional distress it causes. My sister and brother-in-law had been receiving phone calls and mailings offering college placement test classes to help improve their daughter's test scores. The callers assume my niece to be a high school junior.

It's apparent they were working from data derived only from birth records, not cross referenced against any other data. It seems to me that competent data mining and cross checking of simple public records could have avoided this situation.

My niece is autistic and although she is of the appropriate age, given her developmental conditions, she will never attend college or even high school.

Instead of celebrating the marginal improvements in my niece's abilities as she grows, my family gets "innocent" calls from people that remind them of just how far behind her peers she really is.

If you work in the data mining field you need to remember how even simple failures or sin's of omission can effect others.

Submission + - "Green" Ice Resurfacing machines fail in Vancouver (

lurking_giant writes: The Seattle Times is reporting that the Men's 500 meter speed skating was delayed or more than an hour Monday evening by the breakdown of the 2 ice grooming machines at the skating oval. The real story is that the machines that failed were the latest state of the art Resurfice — Fume Free Electric Groomers leased to the Olympics committee. An old propane powered Zamboni had to be brought out to fix the ice. This makes 2 nights in a row with ice re-surfacing machine failures.If you're going to spend twice as much on electric devices to replace non green designs at least test the things first.

Submission + - Another bad battery idea for electric vehicles... (

lurking_giant writes: From an article on PHYSORG.COM, "Researchers from Imperial College London, UK, and their European partners, including Volvo Car Corporation, are developing a prototype material which can store and discharge electrical energy and which is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts. In addition, the researchers believe the material, which has been patented by Imperial, could potentially be used for the casings of many everyday objects such as mobile phones and computers, so that they would not need a separate battery."

Great... Now you can be killed by the rapid discharge of the electrical energy in your car's battery from a fender bender or shopping cart scratch. (Although I would pay good money to see somebody attempt to "key my car" and get electrocuted in the process.) *Note to Carrie Underwood...

Submission + - Mainstream press "Cringes" at Windows & launch (

lurking_giant writes: "Well... Microsoft has done it again with the youtube Windows 7 launch party video...YouTube video and it's turning the stomachs of even the Mainstream press with it's clueless and campy marketing style. A Washington Post reader was quoted as saying "If Microsoft had been put in charge of marketing sex, the human race would have ended long ago, because no one would be caught dead doing something that uncool.""

Submission + - Big Brother over the battle field? (

lurking_giant writes:

For anyone who doubts the graphics processing power of Linux, the US Air Force is introducing their latest real time 3D graphics processing system built around the SGI Altix ICE 8200 supercomputer. Rated as one of the 500 most powerful computers in the world.

The system code named DESCH (named for Joseph Desch, who led the secret WWII project which developed a decoder for the Nazi Enigma encrypted messages.) collects terabytes of raw data gathered by the USAF Gotcha's synthetic aperture radar equipped UAV's orbiting over an area of interest in a war zone.

The system images a 5km dia "city sized" view and processes the result into 3D image maps while recording to disk for review. The 400 Megapixel per second streaming images allow zooms into areas of interest, observation of minute changes and the ability to track personel and vehicals in the urban battle field.

From the article — Dr. Michael Minardi, program manager for the Gotcha radar, said the Desch supercomputer is analogous to the lens of a highly sophisticated camera. "A camera takes a coherent light field and bends it through a series of curved glass lenses to create an image," Dr. Minardi said. "We've replaced the lens with a supercomputer which uses algorithms to mimic what a lens does in creating an image from Gotcha's raw radar data." —

It's purpose is to identifty and track insurgents and use the recorded image data to backback their movements and identify points of origin. This will allow the detection of future activity originating from the same locations.

"The Police" said it best with "Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you!"


Submission + - US Air Force unveils "Gotcha Radar" image ( 1

lurking_giant writes: You don't want to be an "Enemy of the State" with the new radar imaging system unveiled at Wright Patterson AF base in Dayton Ohio yesterday. [Dayton Daily News] The new system can reportadly image a 5km circle at 400 megapixels per second thru cloud cover and record it to be reviewed. It's intended purpose is to allow backtracing of the movements of combatants to determine their origin by reverse replay of battles/attacks/bombings. [Image —] The data processing and storage needed to do this would make Google shudder.

Submission + - Look Ma... Hi-Def 3D without glasses! (

lurking_giant writes: A researcher at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a way to make Oganic LED's that emmit circularly polarized light in the visiable spectrum. Although this has been done before with infared LED's, this is the first visiable light device known.

From the article on Tech-ON!: "For the future, Shikoh intends to increase the degree of circular polarization so that two components, the right and left circularly polarized light, may be clearly differentiated. Through this method, he aims to realize 3D display by producing parallax images that have different information in each component."

Remember those 3D lenticular postcards with the fresnel surface that had 3D photos on them? Are we finally looking at the technology to produce paper thin computer/video displays that produce the same type of image only in Hi-DEF?

Emulation (Games)

Submission + - 4M Euros committed to keep games working... (

lurking_giant writes: If you think that government isn't looking out for our future, you need to read this:

KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable) A project funded by the European Union was created to: "facilitate universal access to our cultural heritage by developing flexible tools for accessing and storing a wide range of digital objects." Obviously written by someone who knows how to turn the phrase "But my games don't work anymore" into the buzz word babble of government funding requests. Developers take note: word it right and they throw money at you.


Submission + - Coffee really get's you going! (

lurking_giant writes: Researchers at the University of Nevada-Reno say that 340 million gallons of biodiesel could be added to the worlds fuel supply without replacing crops or impacting food production. In a recent study reported by PHYSICS.ORG, They claim that 10-20% by weight of spent coffee grounds are usefull oil. (The stuff that makes coffee tast bitter) Traditional crops for it's production such as Soybean and rapeseed produce similar levels of oil. Since we already consume more than 16 billion pounds of coffee each year, if we recycle the spent grounds to make biodiesel we could see a net gain in the worlds fuel supply without any loss of food production. So all you java heads drink up, we can save the world and get jazzed at the same time.

Submission + - Future of Space Elevator looks Shaky (

lurking_giant writes: In a report on, Researchers working on development of a space elevator ("Fountains of Paradise" by Aurther C. Clark) have determined that the concept is not stable. Coriolis force on the moving climbers would cause side loading that would make stability extremely difficult while solar wind would cause shifting loads on the geostationary midpoint. All of this would likely make it necessary to add thrusters, which would consume fuel and negate the benefits of the concept.

"There's no limit to what you can accomplish, if you don't demand credit!" Author Unknown


Submission + - Cheap Catalyst for Solar - Hydrogen Production (

lurking_giant writes: reports that an inexpensive, easily manufacturability catalyst has been developed that can separate hydrogen and oxygen from water over a wide range of wavelengths of sunlight. From the article: "The group's tests show that polymeric carbon nitride absorbs both ultraviolet and visible light and, although its performance yielded varying H2 production rates from batch to batch, that it is an effective catalyst even without the presence of platinum or other noble metals." The study's corresponding scientist is Xinchen Wang said: "Our result opens new pathways for the search of energy production schemes, using polymeric organic semiconductor structures that are cheap, stable, and commonly available." Now all we need is to find a way to transport and store the hydrogen in a safe and efficient manor.

"There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't demand credit"... Author Unknown.


Submission + - Superconducting transitster material developed ( 1

lurking_giant writes: is reporting that a group from the University of Geneva in Switzerland has discovered a material junction that acts as field effect transistor (FET) at 0.3 degrees Kelvin. The material is a single crystal containing two metal oxides, strontium titanate and lanthanum aluminate, as separate segments. At the interface of these materials, the team found a layer of free electrons called an electron gas in the material switches from superconductor to non-conductor (insulator) with the application of a voltage at the interface... Can't imagine anyone able to over clock this since they only hav .3 degrees to work with but you never know. "There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't demand credit"... Author Unknown.

Submission + - Diet of fast food and candy may cause Alzheimer's (

lurking_giant writes: According to Reuters, Swedish research shows that a diet rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol could increase the risk of Alzheimer's. At least in rats. "These mice showed chemical changes in their brains, indicating an abnormal build-up of the protein tau as well as signs that cholesterol in food reduced levels of another protein called Arc involved in memory storage". So maybe that pile of fast food bags, candy wrappers and soda cans should be a warning. Get out of the basement and eat healthy and exercise.

"There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't demand credit"... Author Unknown.

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