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Comment Re:The British government looks like Duck Soup (Score 1) 227

"I didn't think May could be that devious or smart. It may just be an unintended consequence she didn't understand but will come to realize what a smart move it was."

I don't think you understand just how devious an smart you need to be to get near the top of the Tory party. Yes there is a lot of inherited privilege and insider dealings, but that applies to the competition as well, and May is not from the Eton set, so that makes here rise even more indicative of cunning and guile.

Comment Re: It's a liability issue (Score 1) 451

"No, the basic premise of the movie (robots turning against their makers) is the complete opposite of Asimov's books."

I think you should read more of the actual books. The idea of the robots protecting humanity by removing control from them was covered in the latter caves of steel novels.

Then watch the film again, they didn't turn against, they took over control.

Comment Re:Missed the point (Score 1) 594

The only thing that makes sense is for the string length count to be the same size as a pointer, so that it could effectively be all of memory.

Other than the segmented environments where a pointer doesn't cover all the memory. But that is just a nit pick.

Comment Re:Have to share this - holy crap! mod parent up (Score 1) 626

With NS this will specialize the variation in the "creature" . e.g. all dogs comes from wolfs (evols & creationists agree on that) due to man's natural selection, we get Great Danes and chiwawas, it doesn't matter how many times the chiwawas breeds, you never get a great dane out of them.

You say that as if its true. Its not. Select the largest of each litters and breed them. See how the size increases. No magic involved, no "lost information" restored.

Even if what you said was true. It would just be a case of waiting for a mutation to produce a larger offspring, and to select that. RInse and repeat as needed and you have something of the size of a Dane again.

Comment Re:Balderdash (Score 1) 194

Maybe so, but the part I was questioning was this bit of rainbows and puppies

From a programmers point of view a cloud aware application does not need to know anything about memory, cpu and back storage.

It may not be the case that it matters where those resources are, but that doesn't mean the programmer doesn't have to know about them.

I don't know the absolute address that the MMU maps a running process under Linux to, but I still need to know about the virtual address that I see in the process space.

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