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Comment Re:Coda (Score 1) 206

MySQL Workbench is possibly the most unstable software I've ever used on a Mac.

IMHO the only two tools you'd want to use on a Mac for MySQL are
1. Navicat (ugly/annoying UI but great admin tools)
2. Querious (great UI but light on the admin tools)

Nonetheless, I'm a big fan of Coda for PHP development, even though there's no debugger. It's got a top-notch UI, great site configuration management tools, SFTP, FTPS/TLS, Subversion integration, solid syntax highlighting, and resource books built-in if you need them. Highly recommended!

Comment it's not about pixel count, but pixel/sensor size (Score 2, Informative) 596

As pixel density increases, image quality decreases. These companies are cramming more pixels into the same size sensor. Bigger pixels = better quality. By the same token, I think the wars could (and maybe should?) go to sensor size eventually. There are already several full-frame (35mm film frame sized) DSLR's out there now. The image quality of any of these cameras (even ones with less pixels) will blow any ultracompact point-and-shoot camera out of the water. Bigger sensors = better quality. Bring on the sensor size wars!

Comment Re:I still prefer the Darkroom (Score 1) 192

With today's bargain prices for analog photography, I encourage people to jump in!
The bargains with analog are all on the equipment end. But over time, the cost of film wasted + cost of development (not the mention time spent developing) overtakes the equipment costs of digital photography. Of course, you do still get much higher quality with analog (especially using medium or large format!) when making large prints.

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