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Submission + - Why are most spam reports from Yahoo Mail? (

lulalala writes: I manage my company's email activities. I have observed that 90% of the email spam reports comes from Yahoo Mail, and 80% of those are reported from registration emails. I have always thought this was due to the UI design leading people to click the spam button by accident. However recently I discovered that, my users were actually clicking the "not spam" button, but that generates a spam report instead. This Yahoo Mail bug has been there for months, but it's not fixed and there is no easy way to contact Yahoo dev team about it. Are you observing similar strange patterns in your company's spam mail reports?

Comment Re:The quality problem (Score 1) 665

One bug ( is that, in an unstable network, sometime download will fail silently on half way. Firefox will not check file size and just think it has finished, so you have to do your own checking to make sure file is indeed complete. This bug has been there since 2004, and still not resolved. I remember quite a few other bugs which was also reported years ago and never was resolved.


Submission + - Animating from markup code to rendered result. (

lulalala writes: Writing documents using markup languages isn't always easy. Take Wikipedia for example, one often need time to relocate the current focus when they switch between previewing and editing mode. Now with Gliimpse, one can watch the markup code gradually turns into end rendered result. The demonstration on Youtube simply looks amazing, which shows support many markup languages, including LaTex Mathematics.

Comment programming e-book and BOD (Score 1) 283

I agree. With a programming E-Book, one can easily search (at least on a computer) the material. One can also get errata updates easier. The best thing is that you can copy/paste the code directly from the e-book.
If I find out I need to read some chapters from time to time I just print it out. The local printing store can do it for you nicely on double sided page. I know there are 'book on demand' or 'print on demand' services as well.

Comment How about plants (Score 1) 722

My engineering friend did a final year project on that. Having some plants (I forgot what kind, but they are all grass tall) will be much better. I remember there is an optimal height for plant to be able to lock moisture, and the leaves must be able to cover the soil. Of course you have to water them. This way not only are you dissipating heat, you also reduce greenhouse gas.

Comment Re:Abuse? (Score 1) 95

Google Translate was abused several times in Taiwan. The most famous one was during the Asia Games, when one Taiwanese player got disqualified due to the already examined equipment. People used the translation suggestion link to submit false translations. When translating 'Koreans are ****' in Chinese to Korean and back it becomes "Actually we won".

Comment Copy and paste (Score 1) 317

Not sure about Linux, but in Windows Command Prompt I can't copy & paste conveniently.
I have to right click the mouse to select 'paste'.
And when I want to copy, I need to right click and select 'mark' and then mark the areas, then press Enter.
I wonder if I missed something obvious, because if there is some hot keys I can save a lot of time.

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