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Submission + - Content filters to be installed on Aussie smartphones, Internet connections 1

Bismillah writes: The opposition Coalition parties which look set to win the next election in Australia, want to install content filters that are turned on by default on smartphones and Internet connections in the country.

This is part of the Coalition's official policy, and phone vendors will be expected to comply. It is possible to opt out of it though, if you prove you're over 18.

Submission + - Australian Police Move To Make 3D Printed Guns Illegal (

lukehopewell1 writes: "Untraceable, undetectable, cheap and freely available". That's how Australian police have described the 3D-printable gun known as The Liberator today as they announce that they will be seeking to make the download, construction and possession of these weapons illegal. In their tests, Police printed the 15 parts required to assemble The Liberator in 27 hours and assembled it within 60 seconds with a firing pin fashioned out of a steel nail. The two guns were test fired into a block of resin designed to simulate human muscle, and the first bullet penetrated the resin block up to 17 centimetres. NSW Police Ballistics division confirm that it would be a fatal wound if pointed at someone.

Welcome to the new Wild West.

Submission + - Two People Caught Having Sex On Google Street View (

lukehopewell1 writes: Google has censored it now, but earlier on today, the image of two Australians caught in the act on a highway in South Australia was snapped on Google's Street View mapping service. Thankfully, someone thought to take a screenshot before it was blurred out.

Bent over the hood of a BMW, the couple were in clear view having presumably the time of their lives before the Street View car trundled down the highway and snapped their congress.


Submission + - Australian Police Rescue Motorists Lost In Forest By Apple Maps (

lukehopewell1 writes: There's no doubt that Apple Maps needs to be fixed, but the sooner the better according to Australian police, who have been wading into a remote national park to save motorists steered deep into the forest by the new iOS 6 navigation software.

Police say that several motorists have already been rescued, adding that some had to walk for up to 24 hours through the forest just to find cell signal.

Motorists are getting lost in the park because Apple Maps has mislabelled the location of a regional town that is actually situated 70 kilometres away.

Until Apple fixes the issue, Australian police are telling users not to navigate using iOS 6 maps.


Submission + - Australian Government Scraps Plan To Filter The Internet (

lukehopewell1 writes: After three years of trying to pass a controversial plan to filter the internet from Refused Classification (material rated above X) content, the Australian Government has tonight finally walked away from its plans to subject the country's internet users to a mandated "clean-feed".

Instead the government will now compel Australian internet service providers to implement a filter that blocks out only the material listed on Interpol's blacklist.


Submission + - How Sci-Fi Is Influencing Smartphones And Tablets (

lukehopewell1 writes: Prometheus is one of the better looking science fiction films of the last 10 years, and the visual effects studio behind some of the visuals has revealed that Ridley Scott was inspired by both the F-22 Raptor fighter jet through to the iPad and even right down to the Mac OS X app dock.

How are visual artists in film influencing the next generation of consumer devices like smartphones and tablets?


Submission + - First Trailer For Julian Assange Movie Looks Amazing (

lukehopewell1 writes: Julian Assange has dominated the headlines over the last 12 months, and as he waits in legal limbo, his origin story has been spun into a biopic for Australian television. Normally these things look decidedly average, but Underground: The Julian Assange Story looks great. It tells the story of Assange's very first leaks back in 1989 in Melbourne, Australia, and how even back then, the US government were chasing him.

Submission + - No, Samsug Didn't Pay Apple's Patent Fine In 5 Cent Coins (

lukehopewell1 writes: There seems to be a misunderstanding here, everyone. There’s a story going round that Samsung paid the $US1.05 billion penalty set by a US court for copying Apple gear by carting 30 truckloads of five-cent coins to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino today. Let’s stop talking about this right now.

That’s right. The fun fact you may have been parading around the office all week is a hoax, purported by a site very similar to The Onion. The site where the reports originated is called El Deforma and it’s a satirical news site based in Mexico.


Submission + - iPad User In Legal Hot Water After Tracking His Stolen Device Via iCloud (

lukehopewell1 writes: When your iDevice is stolen with iCloud enabled, logic dictates that you fire up Find My iPhone to track the device down with the help of law enforcement, right? Well not if you're in Australia, it seems, where an iPad user who tracked his device to the alleged thief's garage is being accused of "trespass via radio wave" for activating an alarm on his iPad to flag the device as stolen.

The trespass claims are being pushed despite the fact that a warranted raid on the alleged thief's house by police uncovered several allegedly stolen laptops and even a police badge reportedly missing since 2009.


Submission + - 3D Printer Can Make You A House In 20 Hours ( 1

lukehopewell1 writes: 3D printer tech has evolved rapidly over the last decade. We've seen everything from phone cases to weapons, but now a Professor at the University of South Carolina has built a concept printer that can build you a house that's three times stronger and half the price of your current house.

It's called Contour Crafting and the best part is that it can build you a 2500sq. ft. house in 20 hours.

The technology is so impressive, in fact, that NASA has partnered with the professor to develop the technology into something the space agency can use to build roads, radiation shields and buildings on the Moon.


Submission + - Declassified Files Show How Australian Military Responded To UFO Threat (

lukehopewell1 writes: "A declassified report entitled "Operation Close Encounter" just hit the Australian National Archives.

Within the secret military report, authored by a senior member of the Royal Australian Air Force, we're told how the military detected several radar blips that resembled alien craft near Sydney in the 1980s.

Military aircraft were scrambled to standby positions as citizens all up the Australian east cost reported strange lights in the sky. Some people even discovered landing patterns in Queensland.

Welcome to the Australian X-Files."


Submission + - The Apollo 13 Was Saved Thanks To An Unnamed MIT Student ( 1

lukehopewell1 writes: "When the Apollo 13 reported an explosion on board, NASA started a marathon effort to get the three astronauts home. Several options were considered, but history tells how flight director Gene Kranz ordered a slingshot around the moon.

The story stayed that way for over 40 years, until yesterday when an ex-NASA press secretary came forward and said that an unnamed MIT grad student came up with the idea to slingshot the spacecraft around the moon. NASA reportedly buried his involvement at the last minute when it was discovered that he was a "long-haired, bearded hippie-type".

Now the internet has gone on the hunt to find out who this unnamed hero really is."


Submission + - Australian Billionaire Wants To Build Jurassic Park-Style Resort (

lukehopewell1 writes: Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has already floated a plan to rebuild the Titanic to scale and sail it around the world, but now the mining magnate has found a new use for his money: cloning dinosaurs.

Palmer reportedly wants to clone a dinosaur and let it loose in one of his resorts in Queensland, Australia. The billionaire has already been in touch with the scientists who helped clone Dolly the sheep to see what it would take to clone a dinosaur from DNA.


Submission + - OS X Mountain Lion Downloaded 3 Million Times In Four Days (

lukehopewell1 writes: In just four short days, 3 million Apple users around the world have shelled out their $US20.99 to get a copy of Mountain Lion. That makes Mountain Lion the most successful OS release in Apple's history. Thanks to the record, Apple is promising goodies.

Many were disappointed however about the lack of Facebook integration with Mountain Lion, especially in the nifty Notification Center bar. Apple's now pledging in its public statements that Facebook integration will arrive soon as a software update.


Submission + - Anonymous Dumps Australian Telco Data Online (

lukehopewell1 writes: After the threats, admissions and delays, hacktivists protesting a data retention scheme proposed by the Australian Government’s National Security Inquiry have begun dumping data gleaned from an Australian telco — presumably AAPT.

Anonymous is in the process of dumping government and business customer data onto Pastebin for the world to see under the guise of Operation Australia. This episode is far from over, however. We’re likely to see more data trickle out over the coming days, considering that the group has promised 40GB worth of leaks.

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