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Comment Re:Once again proving they are idiots (Score 2) 382

From TFA: "Windows 8, the platform natively supports vector graphics. Any images exported as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or XAML art will scale without getting blurry. Additionally, Windows 8 introduces automatic resource loading so developers can save three versions of images with a naming convention; images that correspond to each of the current scale percentages (100%, 140%, and 180%) load automatically to keep images crisp on high DPI. Developers can also use the CSS3 resolution media query or the system events to reload images at different scales. Windows 8 scaling to pixel density allows developers to achieve a baseline level of quality with little effort, and then tailor their images to look polished and crisp on high pixel density screens."

Submission + - WebKit has met and will exceed Trident/MSHTML market share (

irventu writes: "The moment that most of us WebKit fans have been waiting for has arrived, according to statistics collected by for the first few weeks of February, 2012. WebKit will soon surpass the Trident/MSHTML web browser engine. This is a big win for Google, who has been trying to push Chrome into the hands of as many users as possible, despite their recent page ranking penalization for Chrome. Web development in 2012 is predicted to be all about WebKit as Chrome/Chromium, Safari, and various other browsers that use the engine will be the primary target and also is the base for some mobile browsers. What does the future hold for Mozilla and their Gecko engine, who have been been enjoying a great market share for quite a while? Is this finally the beginning of the end for Microsoft's IE, or will they be able to gain back their market share when Windows 8 hits the market?"

Comment Re:... and the problem is? (Score 2) 107

The resulting WEC7 driver for Radeon GPUs is proprietary, but that's allowed per the MIT license that the ATI-AMD Linux driver code is provided under."

I wonder what the source of the article is, that the driver will be proprietary.

I wonder if taking the code written by the community, port it to windows embedded and add some proprietary sauce to it was also part of the original plan. So maybe AMD sees Linux community as a form of cheap labor?

Nope. This is a fairly recent project, conceived and started years after we got back into supporting open source graphics drivers, and the request was for a driver that could be released in source code form.


Comment Re:external monitor only on laptops? (Score 1) 205

I don't have any problems with Kubuntu or Fedora's KDE spin. I use xrandr to get the setup the way I want, but doing that under gnome locks the whole system up tight. I suppose it could be a hardware issue but then I would think that would also impact KDE as well.

The sad thing is, I actually find the Gnome 3 interface appealing in a lot of ways, even though it's pretty different from what I'm used to. It's really innovative and I think it could do interesting things with my workflow. But that I can't get it working right with an external monitor is really frustrating.

Its seems I've got a similar setup to yours and no such problems and wondering why. Changing display configuration with xrandr works fine for me too. But anyway, did you try using the gui from gnome? The preview there shows where the panel will be and if its on the wrong monitor you can just drag it to the right one.

Comment Re:external monitor only on laptops? (Score 2) 205

I wonder how it works with a laptop whose lid is closed an external monitor is attached?

I read this one quite often and no it does not suspend if an external monitor is attached. 3.0 didn't either.

With both Fedora and Ubuntu, I find the most recent version still uses the laptop's monitor to show all the controls and panels. I can mirror the display but then my 24 in monitor is running in 1024 x 768. Trying to disable the built-in monitor just locks everything up.

I'd use an older "stable" version, but they don't support the built-in video card of the Intel i7 very well (software render only).

You know, you can just select which one is the primary display in the settings. Not sure what's wrong with your setup but all you describe works fine fore me. (using: Fedora 14, sandy bridge cpu/gpu 24" external monitor with desktop spawning both displays or built-in one deactivated; suspend on lid close - if no external monitor attached as well)

I'd much rather they focus on working with my hardware than working with my chat programs.

It's not like the intel driver developers are writing chat programs instead of doing there work or is it? If you like to complain, complain at the right topic, I don't see how any of your described problems is related to GNOME.

Comment Re:Bad Example (Score 1) 126

Better example: Disruptive app that allows me to be standing in a store and view items on the shelf through my phone with competing prices from nearby stores or online displayed in the air next to them.

Think about it. In theoretical economy transparency is a condition for the market to function. So this is how it is supposed be, right?

Submission + - British Firm Helps Suppress Egyptian Protests (

An anonymous reader writes: UK firm Gamma International UK have been found to have offered their Skype interception and other software to help Egyptian security services suppress the Arab Spring uprisings based on documents found in the secret police files uncovered following the uprising. They have apparently also been connected to multiple other repressive regimes and are world leaders in providing governents with interception and monitoring systems to break GMail, Hotmail and other supposedly secure services on top of their Skype interception and recording systems. Various torture victims have described how their torturers had access to supposedly secure conversations on Skype, Gmail etc. which were used during their torture.

Submission + - Researchers announce TLS1.0 broken ( 3

ludwigf writes: The plaintext-recovery attack exploits a vulnerability in TLS that has long been regarded as mainly a theoretical weakness. At the moment, [their exploit] requires about two seconds to decrypt each byte of an encrypted cookie. That means authentication cookies of 1,000 to 2,000 characters long will still take a minimum of a half hour for their PayPal attack to work.

TLS 1.1 fixes the problem but: "Actually we have worked with browser and SSL vendors since early May, and every single proposed fix is incompatible with some existing SSL applications," Duong wrote. “What prevents people is that there are too many websites and browsers out there that support only SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. If somebody switches his websites completely over to 1.1 or 1.2, he loses a significant part of his customers and vice versa.”

Comment Re:Not the same bot as online (Score 1) 427

The bot you talked to online is not working on the same "level" as the one used on the Turring test. RTFA

Obligatory: you must be new here.

For the lazy rest of us: The online version seems to be a different one for performance reasons. Here the relevant quote from TFA:

While the online Cleverbot searches its banks 3 times before providing an answer, the test version searched 42 times, so it probably has a little different feel.

Comment Re:My mom's husband has hearing aid troubles (Score 1) 698

I don't know what they paid for the hearing aid, but it seems to me like something funny is going on.

I don't have a clue about hearing aid but I live in Europe and walk regularly past a shop selling them. There is a sign outside saying you don't have to pay anything as they are covered for by the basic healthcare insurance. Maybe you got to pay some fee to get the high-tech ones - again I've got no clue.

Comment Re:Cost Much? (Score 1) 149

Is a data plan that expensive in the states?

I pay 10 € for my mobile contract (free calls to land line and same provider included) and additional 10 € for my data plan (250 mb, after that its slowed down till start of the next month). That is ~ 27 USD in total. Got no unlimited SMS though - costs ~ 0.12 USD per SMS ... but I don't care as xmpp is way better anyway.

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