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Comment Re:Considering this is Windows... (Score 1) 471

No. Even considering that this is windows, it is still *extremely* bad.
This is indicative of the same bloat and indiscretion for efficiency that has caused every MS GUI OS to plummet into user-hindrance after NT.

It's trite-ware; full of shit that no majority needs, but the MS handicap has convinced itself it must employ in order to reach every conceivable userbase desire conceivable, no matter how miniscule. If competition has it, so must they, only a fraction as good and double the footprint.

Including all the pitfalls, bloat and bugs that come from such a development philosophy, It is THE trademark reason Microsoft has been failing the user for >10 years.

And no, I don't have an alternative solution aside from "stick with older MS platforms for as long as humanly possible, and don't pay them for anything for as long as you can avoid it".

Comment Phenomenal (Score 5, Insightful) 164

Whoever let this man onto mainstream media made a huge mistake for themselves.

For the rest of us, potential win.

I would love for him to spread his perspective and morals to a larger audience, because, from what I know of him (and being under the impression of the fallacy of his alleged rape charges), he represents a truly free, government-agnostic (am I using that right?) way forward for human kind. Our governments should not do evil unto others, and that should be apparent from it's own historical evidence.

Comment Untrustworthy (Score 1) 960

Every company I've worked at that has been large enough to warrant it's own IT dept. has been standoffish because they're told not to associate with the desk employees. The reason being for "security", and the overall feeling I've gotten from those I've been close to is because they basically monitor employee activity. They create logs of internet usage, emails, instant messages, and any network activity. In the last 5 or so years that has extended into time logs of entering/exiting the office, and actual desktop activity. There are three companies I've worked at that have had this behavior, with the exception of the timesheet and desktop activity recording because that was all at the same company since then, (though I've gotten the impression that this behavior was "standard" for IT now).
Either way, I feel like checking out of the corporate world entirely, because it's just pathetic. Especially if you consider where it's going:

Comment Re:Hey gabe (Score 4, Insightful) 434

You're just being stupid for the sake of comedy right? looks good right now.
Fuck, even Best Buy looks good right now.

Origin looks like the exact same crap, but with a much less trustworthy company in charge of it. EA would sell all that personal information straight to the hackers if it meant they could turn a profit.

Comment SO thankful right now (Score 0, Troll) 434

I really love Steam. I can't recount the number of times someone broke into my house, stole my entire game library, AND my credit card, and then used my credit card to buy tons of other games on it, and send mail to all my friends posing as me. Steam is so worth the convenience of not having to get out of my chair, go to a store, and pick up a physical copy of entertainment that I will probably revisit for years on end.

Thank you Valve!!

Comment Awe, cute (Score 1) 191

Another fly-by-night software developer conned some tech-ignorant government institute into buying their shit-software under the guise that it would stop their latest .

Go America! I'm sure this will work out just fine for everyone.

Comment Apple = Sony (Score 1) 692

So... Apple is going the way of Sony, huh?

Sony has spent the last 20+ years trying and failing to recreate the phenomenon of the Walkman. I wish companies would actually try to innovate instead of searching to recreate their past innovations.

Just from the description my experience and precognition tells me this is going to be a massive failure.

Comment Performance Focus (Score 0) 538

I wish, at the very least, they'd get over "improving boot/shutdown times", and make the performance of actual use better than, say, win98.
Their memory management is the WORST, and if you're an actual PC user, with heavy applications for graphics or simulation, the last several releases from this company must have crushed your productivity like it has mine.

Comment Forecasting our future (Score 1) 233

Sadly, this is just a small hint of what's to come. I don't expect anything other than full-on corporate armies, each waging espionage and intellectual (and other) warfare against one another, to be the future of the US. Get used to it. Soon Apples Security team WILL be the police dept. :(
(and every other company with the money/man-power).

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