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Comment Re:Sponsors? (Score 1) 223

Yes but surely if excess insulin was produced in response to the diet soda, then the subject would be prone to hypoglycaemia?

The connection could simply be that people who drink sugary drinks all the time die of obesity- and diabetes-related complications before they get a stroke or dementia.

Comment I was an editor there.. (Score 3, Interesting) 60

I was an editor there.. in fact I still am, and over my years I achieved editall status.

It was a great idea when it was created, but over time the landscape of the web changed. DMOZ was founded before Wikipedia and even Google, back in the days that finding stuff was *hard*. DMOZ editors would curate lists of sites that would give a good overview of the topic, but it turns out that Wikipedia's approach to topic curation was better in the long run (and I think that many DMOZ editors are also Wikipedia editors). Directories also died a death as search engines got better, and in the end DMOZ was only really important for SEO purposes.

A long outage at the end of 2006 didn't help at all, and many editors didn't come back after that. Every time I log in I am horrified at the enormous backlog of submissions. For a long time, DMOZ was a great and useful resource. I don't think it has been the case for a while though, but the data it curated is still of value and it would be good if it could be preserved somehow.

Comment Cyanogen OS vs CyanogenMod (Score 1) 75

Cyanogen OS isn't quite the same thing as CyanogenMod. The OS is a commercial product that manufacturers can buy for your smartphone product (e.g. OnePlus One, Wileyfox). It's a rather nice Android offering, but Cyanogen Inc borked it.. especially their relationship with OnePlus.

As for CyanogenMod.. well, /. readers probably know what that is. Not always the most stable of offerings, but most Android devices (and even HP's WebOS ones) can run it which is a big plus. The Android world is a better place for CyanogenMod and to be honest it should have been a better place with Cyanogen OS. But I'm not really sure that one organisation should try to do both..

Submission + - Florida lead generator Gigats hit with $90m FTC fine

An anonymous reader writes: The FTC won a $90 million judgement against Florida based Expand Inc operating as and Softrock, headed by Ayman Difrawi was found to be guilty of deceptively using the lure of jobs to generate leads for educational institutions. The FTC said "many of the job openings were not current, and for those that were, the employers had not authorized Gigats to collect applications or screen or interview applicants." Mr Difrawi has form in this type of scheme, and has been investigated by the media many times over the years.

Comment Malware? (Score 1) 141

If it's Windows-compatible enough to run the sea of Windows-based malware then it will definitely be a bad thing. And given that a lot of endpoint protection apps can be picky about the platforms they run on, then it's just possible that these things could get infected without any adequate protection.

That having been said, I've played with ReactOS before. It looks quite good. But I can't really see why you would want to use it compared to (say) Ubuntu or CentOS which are very polished and usable these days.

Comment Wanted for crimes against decimal points (Score 1) 208

Yeah, I know some places use a "," instead of a decimal point. That's why it's a good idea if dealing with an international audience to use a space separator for thousands. But using a full-stop as a thousand separator and a comma for the decimal point is just whacky. Not as whacky as writing dates in MM-DD-YYYY format, but close. Perhaps one party really did think that the transaction was just twelve-and-a-half euro.

Comment AT&T invented Unix (Score 5, Informative) 167

AT&T Bell Labs invented Unix. Yeah, I know that's not quite the same AT&T as we see today (Bell Labs is part of Alcatel-Lucent-Nokia) but nonetheless today's AT&T is a direct descendant of the AT&T of the 1970s the developed Unix for it's own use. Heck, so they should be using Unix rather than Linux.. but they don't actually own it any more.

Comment (Score 2) 122

Curiously enough, I am just running an analysis of several thousand domains hosted by Eurobyte. My preliminary data on about 7500 domains currently or historically hosted by this block is that 35% of them are tagged by Google as being malicious in some way. I'm guessing that most of the others are also malicious, but they haven't been tagged.

Eurobyte operate a fairly big block rented from Webazilla, which is and I recommend that you block traffic to that entire lot. But a lot of Webazilla's other customer are pretty shitty too. I don't think you miss much if you blocked traffic to the entire AS35415.

Comment Tape (Score 1) 168

The problem with ONLINE backups is that the ransomware might try to encrypt those too, and even "cloud" based backups could be vulnerable.. basically anything you can drag and drop to.

Old fashioned backups such as tape (in a business environment) and an external drive you don't have connected all the time are probably safest.

As for anti-virus, well.. a good AV application is always useful, but this stuff tends to get past most scanners at first. It's not much use having your AV program clean up the malware AFTER you got infected either.

Comment DMCA, or.. (Score 1) 73

It's a kinda interesting conundrum. Obviously Simonds have a complaint against CHM Constructions but if their lawyers have advised them to do this, then I think they need better lawyers.

Blocking access to the site from Australia probably won't make a whole lot of difference, because the real reputational damage might arise elsewhere. Simonds need to get the site shut down or amended.

The most obvious way to do this would be to file a DMCA complaint. "But wait," you say ,"neither party is in the US!" True - but is hosted in the US, and all the major search engines are *also* hosted in the US, do they *do* have to comply with a DMCA complaint. In my opinion, there is sufficient copied material on the Indian site to justify a DMCA complaint. And you don't even need to get lawyered up for that.

The other way to do it is to hire a law firm in INDIA and threaten legal action over there. Indian lawyers are not expensive, but in my personal experience in a similar case.. they are of highly variable quality. Probably better than the Ozzie lawyers Simonds hired though. But if you actually want to *do* something about the problem, then India is the place to go.

Comment Re:I worked at Gateway 2000 from 1990-1996 (Score 1) 77

The cow-spotted boxes were marketing genius. Also I seem to remember cow-spotted mouse mats. The AnyKey programmable keyboard was.. interesting too.

Gateway boxes were sporadically available in the UK in the early to mid 1990s, imported from the US via a grey imported. They were a much higher quality than anything else we had, especially in terms of industrial design. The first Gateway box I had (I 386SX I think) lingered for years, but people often commented on how nice it looked ("Is that new?" "Errr.. no"). A few years later Gateway started shipping directly to the UK, for a while at least.

I don't think that they ever reached their full potential. But I guess the cow thing might have stuck in my head.


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