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Comment Re:SolarCity Are a bunch of hucksters (Score 2) 185

I have to agree. We recently bought a house and one of the first things we did was to cap them because, you know, yea solar. Their big hook seems to be that there is no install costs. Great, but that means they get all the tax incentives, plus you pay them for how much energy you generate, not how much you use. Huh? Plus I didn't like their math. They took our electric bill, divided the TOTAL by the number of kwh used to get to our "rate" to compare with their system. Including taxes and fees. Despite that we would still need to pay our local energy company $12 per month since we are still on the grid. That seemed a bit disingenuous to me. We found 3 reputable companies in our city that can put up a comparable sized system, or even larger, for less than what SC days we can buy the system from them after 5 years. Also, all of them had a low rate finance option so there would be nothing down. In our case, no electric bill + solar loan payment = about break even. For 10 years. Then no payment and free electricity. Unless we refinance and pay the system outright. 20 year lease that has to stay with the home even of you sell? No thanks.

Comment where's Bennett when you need him? (Score 1) 720

I'm sure Bennett would be able to come up with some sort of algorithm or solution that would benefit not only the questioner, but humankind in total.
Maybe he could incorporate one of those small sample surveys that can be extrapolated to account for everyone else's circumstances as well.
I'm sure he can relay his findings in one of those succinct ands salient ways that his writing is so well known for.

Comment Bigger sample size in comments section (Score 4, Insightful) 246

You want to see a more meaningful sample size? Look at the number of comments in Bennett's "submissions" that are complaining about this waste of time. Compare that to the number that actually gives a shit.
It was bad enough that the first sorry the other day had NOTHING whatsoever to do with news for nerds, nor was it well written, nor was it well conducted.
But /. now needs to post a whiny follow-up piece???

Few people care about this Miley Cyrus' opinion on things that do matter, and fewer still care about his opinion on all the crap that doesn't matter.
Breastfeeding pictures? Burning Man parking? Burning Man Ice distribution? How come 5th Ammendment?
Fuck this clown.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 117

It coasted for months along a trajectory that was established during development and confirmed shortly after lift off. It didn't get hit by an asteroid. Congratulations?
Or is it that it confirms they got the math right and didn't mix imperial units with metric while programming trajectory info?

Couldn't they have waited until the 24th to give a headline about the success of failure regarding the onboard liquid engine restart and subsequent critical maneuver ?

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