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Comment Re:It was only a matter of time (Score 1) 221


"At the Shmoocon hacker conference, Paget aimed to indisputably prove what hackers have long known and the payment card industry has repeatedly downplayed and denied: That RFID-enabled credit card data can be easily, cheaply, and undetectably stolen and used for fraudulent transactions. With a Vivotech RFID credit card reader she bought on eBay for $50, Paget wirelessly read a volunteer’s credit card onstage and obtained the card’s number and expiration date, along with the one-time CVV number used by contactless cards to authenticate payments. A second later, she used a $300 card-magnetizing tool to encode that data onto a blank card. And then, with a Square attachment for the iPhone that allows anyone to swipe a card and receive payments, she paid herself $15 of the volunteer’s money with the counterfeit card she’d just created. (She also handed the volunteer a twenty dollar bill, essentially selling the bill on stage for $15 to avoid any charges of illegal fraud.)"

Comment Re:Funny... (Score 1) 221

Mastercard PayPass (Visa's equal is PayWave) is a pretty common card in the US now. Europe uses EMV (AKA chip and pin) and I have never seen a contactless card in europe, only the USA (FWIW, PayWave and PayPass are EMV compatible). So it has been demonstrated in the wild that you can skim these contact-less cards and then make a clone mag-stripe card, but it is only good for one transaction since the CVV code changes on the contact-less card with each transmission whereas the mag-stripe has it static. Not only that but you would have to use the mag-stripe before the next contact-less card transaction for it to be successfully authorized and I *believe* that even if you did, the next time that the card holder tried to use the card it would get rejected and flag the card. The industry doesn't try and make fraud-proof products, they try and balance usability with mitigating controls.

Comment Re:Is this the same Apple (Score 2) 188

You mean the same Apple that gave me a FREE BRAND NEW TOP OF THE LINE Macbook Pro in November because I brought in one of the GPU problematic MBPs that you are mentioning that I bought new in Aug of 2007? No questions asked; they even threw in a display port to DVI adapter at no cost. I didn't have AppleCare and I had upgraded the machine myself at home about 9 months earlier, I didn't even bring it in for the GPU issue, I brought it in for a battery and just told them that it was a POS from a hardware perspective but that I loved the OS and I was getting tired of constantly having to fix something on it (most recently the battery AGAIN).

Maybe Nvida ultimately paid for my goodwill gift, but as a consumer I could care less who pays for it if I get a new free computer and stellar service.

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