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Comment Re:China ... is evil ... (Score 1) 107

I am sorry- insightful? How is this modded so high? The first paragraph literally says nothing, and is just as guilty for heresay and bullshit as who he is pointing his finger at. And as for the NAFTA comment? WHAT? There is an extremely large contingent in the United States (like HALF) that think we should keep NAFTA and that its great for the United States, and vice versa. This is almost mirrored in Canada and Mexico. Which begs the question, WHAT is your point?

I love /. for it's readers' intelligence and wit, but bashing for bashings sake is worthless and detrimental.

Submission + - should-silence-some-critics (

lstellar writes: "Crucially, it could mean that such research is no longer dependent on using cells from human embryos, which has proved highly controversial...The cells created were similar, but not identical, to embryonic stem cells, and the researchers used them to produce brain and heart tissue." Gives us hope.

Submission + - Black Holes Discovered as Source of Gamma Rays

eldavojohn writes: "A very recent paper has been published that gives a very sound explanation for the source of gamma rays that permeate our galaxy. Objects like the Milky Way's central supermassive object (Sagittarius A*) are now suspected to be the culprit but since these are widely believed to be a black holes, little is known and skepticism is high that even gamma radiation could escape them. All that has been observed is gamma rays seem to coming from black holes. To test this theory, two scientists created a computer model and found that intense gravity near the event horizon caused protons to fling outward at near light speeds where some would randomly make it beyond 10 light years of the black hole after thousands of years. Once they are sufficiently far away, these super high-energy protons would collide with low-energy protons to form pions which decay into gamma radiation emanating in all directions from the collision. If their simulation holds to be accurate and survives the skepticism of the community, the source of some gamma rays that were believed to all be remnants of the big bang could instead be signals from just outside black holes. Not only does a rapidly rotating Wolf-Rayet star collapsing into a black hole cause narrow streams of gamma radiation but apparently they continue to emit them long after their formation."

AMD Claims Intel Inadvertently Destroyed Evidence in Antitrust Case 90

Marcus Yam writes "In an unpublished statement to the U.S. District Court of Delaware, AMD alleges Intel allowed the destruction of evidence in pending antitrust litigation. According to the opening letter of the AMD statement, 'Through what appears to be a combination of gross communication failures, an ill-conceived plan of document retention and lackluster oversight by outside counsel, Intel has apparently allowed evidence to be destroyed.'"

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