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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 243

One non-obvious reason for a tiered approach is psychology.

If there is no cost to hitting the limit, people will mindlessly consume. As soon as there is a dollar value associated with blowing it, it'll cause people to do self-throttling.

The ancillary revenue probably isn't enough to help improve infrastructure; it's there to shape behavior.

Comment Insanely complex (Score 2) 132

I've read a lot of this regulation and I think it's probably impossible to comply with. It's also very light on technical guidance for compliance. There are only a few passing mentions of encryption and nothing at all about particular standards. In other words, there is no specific requirement to encrypt data in transit or at rest, but rather a vague suggestion that encryption in general might be a good idea. On the other hand, with respect the right to be forgotten, which is really a right to request erasure, it's unclear whether deleting keys to encrypted data constitutes erasure. It could be read to require actually writing over all the copies of the bits.

Comment Re:so.... Firefox OS? (Score 2) 225

no, that's not what FFOS is. FFOS takes web sites and packages them up as apps that are delivered through a store and they run locally on the device, something like Cordova apps. The story (and I ought to know because I wrote it) discusses actual mobile web sites, e.g.. as opposed to a Slashdot app. It's not hard to give the app experience by putting an icon on the screen and running the browser full-screen

Comment Re:The fact none of you care says more about (Score 3, Insightful) 104

I'm betting an absolutely huge majority of traffic on Twitter is completely pointless and inane ... "I'm going to the bathroom", "the poop is coming out", "meeting Bill and Larry for drinks".

This uninformed stereotype of twitter activity is outdated.

The vast majority of tweets today are links and retweets. Live example, I just looked at the 10 most recent tweets in my stream. The first 9 are links and the 10th is a comment about WeChat.

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