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Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 805

It's federal, state, plus medicare/medicaid.

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding of how much people with higher incomes actually take home.

I lived a good chunk of my life in flyover country and made way less than 100k/year. I lived very comfortably. Then I lived a long time in NYC and made well north of 100k, then north of 200k. The money doesn't go as far, but more importantly, you're taxed as if you were still in flyover country and actually rich, but you're not. You're barely making ends meet. And so many tax deductions (almost all of them) no longer apply to you because you're so "rich." Meanwhile, all of your take home pay is going to rent. But, you know, you got to go where you can get the work.

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 2) 805

This is not remotely accurate.

First, cut the 150k in half to account for taxes. Then, consider that in the bay area, property taxes and insurance can run 30-40% of your monthly nut.

A 150k income will allow you to comfortably afford a $500k or so house. Good luck finding that in the Bay Area.

Comment Re:Confirmed (Score 2) 515

Even so, the claim that "users remain totally in control" is false. When you have to download a third-party exe someone created in their spare time and just happened to share freely with others in order to rid your computer of microsoft malware and get it to stop nagging you about the upgrade, users are not "totally in control."

Comment Re:I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from here (Score 0) 132

Actually yes. Not Florida specifically, but having extra body fat offers no biological advantage in a warm environment compared to a cold environment, all other things being equal.

BS, we all know weight gain is a simple matter of calories in versus calories out. /sarcasm

Seriously, I know enough people who have weight struggles and literally try to starve themselves trying to lose weight. It's painful for me to watch. Meanwhile, I and others eat pretty much whatever we want, and while I'm not rail thin, I've never had a problem maintaining a healthy weight. It annoys me when sanctimonious people go on their "why don't they just eat better and exercise" rant. Maybe more studies like these will make people open their eyes. Obesity is more complicated than that.

Comment Re:Price controls and a ban on doctor kickbacks (Score 1) 305

If kids are old enough to pick up on the comment about erections and ask the question, I think they're old enough for some very basic factual information as a response. Sex is normal, and kids shouldn't have to learn about it from internet porn and misinformed elementary school friends.

Comment Re:Factory farming (Score 1) 131

Excellent question. I would add to the list above the issue of food sources, as in animals in factory settings not getting food sources that are natural for them and cause digestion issues (e.g., cows eating soy, and I'm sure there are probably even better examples). A lot of people think diet/gut health may have some relations to autism, maybe not as a cause but as an exacerbating factor that can make symptoms better or worse. With her close connection with animals, has she observed that eating certain diets has affected anxiety levels or other behaviors in factory animals?

Comment Re:Why don't other animals have "social justice"? (Score 1) 131

I feel like you're probably just trolling, but I can tell you that my chickens definitely have a concept of social justice. One is the alpha female, and if one of the non-alphas starts picking on another chicken, the alpha will basically step in and do what needs to be done to restore order. Usually this just entails her standing up really tall and flapping her wings a few times right in front of the bully as a warning. And chickens aren't even very smart.

Apes and chimps also have established social orders and conventions within their groups that include concepts of justice and fairness. There has been a lot of anthropological research on this.

Comment Re:What they will really drink (Score 1) 278

Millions of people across the country drink recycled sewage every day. That's the nature of water--it just gets recycled.

Maybe I just find this odd because I was always under the impression that every city did it this way. When I was little, one of my uncles worked at the waste water treatment plant in a small city on a small river in the middle of the country. I thought it was common knowledge that the water flowing in the water treatment plant (for city taps) came from the river, and the water flowing from the waste water treatment plant flowed back into the river. So we were drinking the treated waste water from towns and cities upriver, and the towns and cities downriver were drinking ours. So we had a valid interest in the proper operation of treatment plants upriver, and those downriver had a valid interest in ours.

My uncle used to tell me how he would sometimes have to give tours, which were billed as sort of educational exchanges, for people from other treatment plants in the state who wanted to visit. But they were always only from the treatment plants down-river--it was sort of spy/audit trip. And that was considered okay, our city did the same thing. Keep in mind this is a pretty small river, not an extreme amount of dilution going on here.

Are there any cities that truly have a landfill of sorts for treated sewage water? A place where it can go that it will not end up back in the drinking water? Because I think that is what would be extremely rare.

I think CA politicians are marketing this all wrong and causing resistance where there shouldn't be any. This is just how it's done. Water gets recycled. There is no absolutely pure water source unless you create it in a lab. How the water you intend to drink is treated is the key.

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