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Journal Journal: Note on current sig... 1

About http://www.loveandrespect.com/

I do not believe there is a silver bullet to avoiding divorce. I know enough to say that divorce sucks... not from personal experience, but from statistics that are readily available regarding how many people regret having divorced, who would rather have stayed in the marriage... and from people who have gone through it.

But I believe the philosophy presented on this website contains a certain truth that every human being needs -- that women desire above all things love, and men desire above all things respect. (The cycles described and relentlessly illustrated on the website I personally feel are a bit over the top and don't help me personally get the concept... but for other people it might make more sense.)

Marriage doesn't have to suck! :-) This site is just one of those tools that can help demonstrate that fact.

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Journal Journal: ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

ha ha... I didn't think I'd end up being name called for my voting beliefs, but goes to show the maturity of some people in the race of men. Thanks for a good laugh.

By the way, I was an environmentalist in 2000. Still am, but priorities change. 2004's priority was "ability to define oneself." Don't worry, I don't expect you to get it.

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Journal Journal: Voting record sig time! 2

Time to sacrifice karma... voting record will go on sig today. For the record, here's how I voted in 2000:

President: A. Gore (D)
6th Dist. Rep: H. Hyde (R)

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Journal Journal: Sig Stuff

Maybe people will see the sig, and maybe not, but just in case, comments on the latest iteration of the sig can be taken here. The latest one:

-What's your favorite Indie band?

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