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Comment Mission Critical ... Red Hat... LOL.. (Score 3, Insightful) 232

Why? Red Hat has been the one distro that spearheaded Linux adoption in the enterprise. It's stable has very long support life cycle and if you do not want to pay licensing you can (and many startups do) use Centos.
I hear people complaining about rpm/yum. Guess what. Many of us have extensive experience with it and have no problems with it. Creating repo cache is fairly easy and allows you to have a total control of what is deployed to your server. And yes I do like dpkg and apt-get. They are very nice tools.
The main reason I see ubuntu getting traction is because of RedHat making RHEL not available for download and because developers got their first steps in ubuntu. because "it's easier" and has a nicer "desktop".
I think RedHat needs to backpedal in Fedora/RHEL and go back to a single distro. Something like *Desktop/Developer edition (RHDE) and *Enterprise Edition (RHEL) and build a nice and focused distro with all the common repos already enabled in RHDE. So that newbies can have a better experience. Developers need to easily get running thing need on a fresh build of (RHDE). Something like this: yum install passenger-puppet-master (and bam!) yum install maven
yum install django
yum install passenger-rails-app
yum install saltstack
yum install eclipse-openjdk-stack
Just a few samples but you get the idea. Make it easy for the developer and they will come.

Comment Re:Not everything runs on Mac or Linux (Score 1) 800

If you really need those tools. Then go ahead and run Windows. Most people don't need the Band name software. I have been happy using OpenOffice for many many years. It does what it needs to and it does it well. I just started using Google Docs and love the fact that all my docs are online and accessible all the time. ... Now a days most end users only need : 1) Web browser with fast java script, HTML5 and Flash, 2) Skype. 3) Media player (VLC) A good Linux distro will satisfy most end users. ...

Comment Re:This is the best way of gun control (Score 1) 656

Bad people will always find a way to get guns. Mexico has very few guns per capita. Guns are highly regulated and is illegal to own .45/magnum/.38 hollow point or assault weapons... This results on a disproportionate valance where citizens are powerless to defend themselves against tugs. Now they are dealing across the country with people having to pay "plaza" (racketeering) , kidnapings, robberies, deheadings, ... I do firmly beliebe high ownership of guns by population Makes for safer towns... when people is educated.

Comment Re:Wow, that would be redonkulously profitable. (Score 1) 325

It be awful; Will be very difficult for competitors to differentiate from AMD by using their same CPU's. Most likely the all will switch to something else (only real alternative is Intel).
Dell also is known for their little R&D and overall cheap products; witch is also not good if you want bleeding edge AMD preprocessors.

Comment Re:Sure It's Doable, Just Shift Subsidies (Score 1) 603

"most of the increase is due to interest on past debts"
You hit the keyword. Budget expenses are higher because we borrow too much... Gov solution: Borrow more!

What we need to do is cut expending and start buying back some of debt. No way around it.
If we keep borrowing increasing our debt obligations; default will not be a question of IF but When.

Comment Re:Utter utter rubbish (Score 1) 554

You might want read this link:

In short: Do not confuse weather with climate change. weather is a short term event. like this winter. climate is the global trend over a long period of time.

On the good side. scientists are expecting big changes to happen within our life time. So you should see with your own eyes if you were correct or wrong. Hint: Rising seas, famine and large human migrations.

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