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Comment Re:I didn't watch the speech (Score 1) 583

I do like the idea that suggesting somebody relies on Fox News for anything is an insult.

Yes, some climate scientists have been wrong. Some have overstated things, and the popular media loves to report on the scariest, most outlandish predictions. Because those sell papers, and the more reasoned, measured forecasts do not.

Go look at the actual forecasts by the IPCC, which mostly represents the consensus. You'll find that overall they've been pretty solid.

Without China's involvement especially we cannot fix the problem, as they've passed the US as worst polluter. But I disagree with any suggestion that this would mean we should try to do anything.

Comment Re:I didn't watch the speech (Score 4, Insightful) 583

The possibility of a new ice age was definitely out there in popular media. Big cover story in Newsweek, for example. It was the kind of story that sells. And I'm old enough to have been there at the time too.

It was NEVER taken very seriously in the scientific press, though. Go do any searches through the serious scientific magazines and you'll find that even in the 60s and 70s the vast majority of articles in serious scientific journals focused on the possibility of future warming caused by greenhouse gases, not future cooling because an ice age was overdue.

The climate change story is fairly consistent. The changes to climate cause weird weather. Weather that's out of place and unusual for where it's occurring. 80% of the weird weather involves too much heat, but some places will locally see cooler than normal weather at times.

Regardless of weather Fox takes it seriously, it's difficult to find more than a handful of climate scientists who don't accept the science behind climate change and global warming.

Comment Henry Kuttner would be proud (Score 1) 114

Anybody else ever read the book "Robots have no Tails" written over 50 years ago by Henry Kuttner and his wife?

I remember thinking it was fall-over funny as a teenager at least-- one of the stories in the book revolved around an inventor who created the world's most intelligent and capable robot. Unfortunately he created it while he was on a drunken bender and had no idea what purpose he had intended for the robot now that he was sober. In the end he finds that he had created the perfect robot so it could fetch and open beers for him.

Comment Re:so how are you going to change the law? (Score 1) 381

It should not be permitted, failure comply with instructions by a border guard should remain illegal.

But a felony conviction and a 2-3 year sentence for that? It should be a misdemeanor, sentenced to time served or community service, and if the tape shows the border guard assaulting him without good cause the guard should be in court as well.

If the original claim, that he attempted to strangle an officer had held water, sure, that's a felony. But it didn't. Nothing in what he did amounts to a felony offense in my opinion.

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