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Comment This is the main problem with Linux games... (Score -1, Interesting) 90

They get a huge hype and a lot of people in the community (including myself) get really excited. But then someone at the office responsible for the release just blows their load prematurely and we never see a push to production. God I fucking hate linux, I'm gonna go fuck a penguin now.

Comment Re:Windows autorun viruses are like vuvuzelas. (Score -1, Offtopic) 288

I, nor anyone else except your Torvalds' dick sucking fanboi mods, give two shits (or fucks) that you use linux and watch NFL. The fact that you're not modded off-topic for this ridiculous, ignorant, fucking post is extremely fucking sad to me. In conclusion, I'd like to say...
2. You are worthless
3. I hope that every computer you ever use from now on instantly has a catastrophic hard drive failure. That way, I will never, EVER, have to read another post generated by your worthless, idiotic mind.
Your mom.

Comment Re:No. It's not the Internet. These are the causes (Score -1) 282

Let's see... blah blah blah blah love to hear myself talk

My standards for literacy are clearly higher than yours. The fact that you (and perhaps 89 or so other people who graduated next to you) don't understand this, or consider it an issue to correct... that was kind of my point.

I'm on the internet- not writing an essay.
Using slang and improper punctuation on a social news site doesn't make me illiterate. When you walk around and interact with people outside of academia (you know, in the real world) do you also form completely proper sentences and never use slang? I guess you probably do.
You're probably one of those whiny guys that walks around correcting everyone who says "Me and my friends" instead of "My friends and I." God, that's so annoying.
You should thank your lucky stars for being in the country you're claiming is falling apart. You wouldn't survive a day outside of the protective bubble they provide for you. Time to wake up buddy, there's a real world out there and you're missing out on it. Bigtime.

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