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Nokia Gives Carriers a Cut of App Store Sales 13

Robbie B writes "Nokia mobile users will be able to pay for apps from the Ovi App Store on their mobile phone bill. Nokia is working on billing relationships with mobile operators around the globe, according to the story. Nokia developers will subsequently have to share their spoils with mobile operators should consumers choose mobile phone billing over the credit card option. That aside, the terms and conditions of the app store look to be quite fair — more in the style of Apple and Android (no fees for each app or update uploaded) than the terms of Windows Mobile Marketplace or Blackberry App World."

Comment Re:Like the phonograph.... The what? (Score 1) 743

Amen brother. I am now on the third iteration of my home built audio system with each being progressively better than the last. Many moons ago when I first began collecting and creating my music collection it was 128kbps MP3s. If I listen to that on this system, anything sounds like a sadomasochistic ogre orgy.

Comment Re:SNOWBOUND!! (Score 1) 429

Agreed! I grew up on the Tug Hill Plateau in upstate NY and you are not exaggerating in the slightest. Two feet of snow during an over-night snow storm was a routine occurrence. I recall getting up at very very dark to go plow the driveway with a front end loader because the skidsteer couldn't handle the snow...all so that the school bus could turn around in our driveway. I moved only 2 1/2 hours south and the snow is laughable here. A massive storm is 6in!

Comment Re:Toxicity? (Score 3, Interesting) 218

I work with gallium-indium-tin eutectic metals routinely. They definitely do not play well with some metals, specifically those commonly used in heat sinks. It will readily react with both aluminum and copper resulting in a nasty grayish black compound...not so good for moving heat. However, I do use it against nickel plated copper surfaces with no problems provided that the nickel strike is well done; i.e. it's not porous. The metals it does play well with are typically stainless steel, but stainless is a very bad conductor of heat relative to copper and aluminum.

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