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Comment Re:Why is this here? (Score 2) 199

Actually, they might need to separate "dangerous area" by population. A Jewish Israeli would find a refugee camp dangerous, and a Jewish settlement safe. A Palestinian might find the reverse (although he's likelier to be denied entry at the gate of the settlement than be shot). An Israeli Arab might be safe in both places.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

You could make that case to mandate all kinds of irrelevant information be included on product labels. If the GMO product is nutritionally identical to the non-GMO, the only reason to differentiate them via labeling would be to suggest that there is a substantive difference between the two products, which is false.

Now you could certainly make that case for, for example, a crop that was modified to be pesticide resistant. The fact that the product may contain traces of a pesticide is relevant information.

Comment Re:Maybe he thought that "Unlock" would only unloc (Score 1) 83

Nobody likes to "get behind the airplane". I execute checklists as soon as practical and get things set up for the next phase of flight as soon as possible so we're ready. Exceptions being things in the class of the feather on the ship in question: Flaps, landing gear, mostly airspeed and aerodynamics dependent items.

- A commercial pilot

Comment Web apps vs. desktop apps (Score 1) 218

If you develop a native app people will use everywhere, you probably need these version:

1. Windows
2. Linux
3. iOS
4. Android

And then you need to convince people to download and install your software, because it is not malicious. OTOH, with a web app they just need a browser.

Native apps may be a better solution when you are doing a custom application for a specific business, and all their employees have Windows desktops or laptops.

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