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Bees Communicate With Electric Fields 133

sciencehabit writes "The electric fields that build up on honey bees as they fly, flutter their wings, or rub body parts together may allow the insects to talk to each other, a new study suggests. Tests show that the electric fields, which can be quite strong, deflect the bees' antennae, which, in turn, provide signals to the brain through specialized organs at their bases. Antenna deflections induced by an electrically charged honey bee wing are about 10 times the size of those that would be caused by airflow from the wing fluttering at the same distance—a sign that electrical fields could be an important signal."

Comment Re:Probably (Score 1) 683

NEWS FROM 2025!!! "...Using this new Tech, the military scientists were able to harness a passing chunk of ice and rock, redirect it's pathing, and smash it in to the target! When asked for the specifics of the new, classified, weapon they stared at reporters for a moment before muttering "No Comet" and leaving the Control Center..."

Comment Re:Science Fiction? (Score 1) 782

According to the Wiki for the movie world, that's not going to be likely.

Quote: "The Resources Development Administration, or RDA is the largest single military organization in human space. Its power is such that it outmatches most Earth governments in wealth, political influence, and military capability. The RDA has monopoly rights to all products shipped, derived, or developed from Pandora and any other off-Earth location. These rights were granted to the RDA in perpetuity by the Interplanetary Commerce Administration (ICA), with the stipulation that they abide by a treaty that prohibits weapons of mass destruction and limits military power in space."

Comment Re:Tbh, these definitions need to be dropped. (Score 1) 362

To answer some of your points.

MMO Game mechanics do not always draw themselves out with 100% visibility. Your tank has threat on the boss, so the boss doesn't try to squish the mage. This is because your tank has a number of abilities that, via game mechanics, allows him to hold the attention of the boss. Your tank hit taunt? Maybe this is (literally) verbally taunting the boss.. or maybe it's trying to kick him in the balls, thus enraging him.. or maybe magic is involved, in which case it Can Just Happen.

Crowd control has existed in numerous fights. CC does not have to be polymorphing your target. CC is a way of occupying your target to reduce their effectiveness. In MMOs you see this as sleep, freeze, shapeshift, rooting, etc. There are countless situations where someone has used the RL equivalent of CC.

Class balance is a constant issue in all MMOs that I have seen. Every time the developers make a major change, they have to take in to account, maybe adjust, the rest of the classes to fit it in. Sometimes you get a class that is OverPowered, in which case they get the Nerfbat (changed to balance.)

Regarding Damage versus Death.. most people want to not get 1-shot. Say you hit someone with a 2-handed mace. In real life, if you smacked them in the head with that weapon they would likely be dead. Yeah, that sounds fun. Until you get hit instead of being the person doing the hitting. So, to make the game more interesting to play, and more fun, you get damage. That 2-hander does more damage than a single-hand mace, but it's not gonna 1-shot someone unless they are notably weaker.

Class choice is totally personal preference.

Stealth usage in daylight to ambush someone is yet another thing that is a mechanics thing. Yes, if you really were gonna stealth and ambush someone you would need a lot of time, information on location, prep work, etc. You would have to set up carefully, and would probably mess it up unless you were really good at it.

Which is not what most gamers want. Most people playing MMOs want a game where they can do things relatively quickly, and effectively. They want to be able to push the envelope, but they don't want it to be easy to just slaughter everyone.. because they don't want to be slaughtered. (not once they recall they would be open season, as well) Since it's a game, they want to have fun, and they don't want it to take long amounts of time to do things. If it took even 5 minutes to set up an ambush, for instance, no one would do it. Also, since you're looking at an accelerated pace for everything, it's very unlikely that your target will still be available in 5 minutes, in an MMO. If you were to try and collect 10 wolf tails in RL, you would have to spend hours or days doing so. In an MMO this takes minutes, at most. (assuming the drop rate has not been nerfed)

Dungeons are another personal thing. I like a good dungeon run, but I know people who hate them. I, on the other hand, rarely PvP.. but I know people who eat and breathe PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas. Others just like the quests, or maybe they just use the MMO for RPing with other like-minded players. An aside, some of the MMO companies out there have been working on making the dungeons more enjoyable, as well. Blizzard's current 5man model seems to be based around being able to walk out the end of the dungeon within one hour, assuming you don't have major problems along the way. (Usually within 45 minutes, actually)

In the end, it's a game. A notable portion of the game is based on life, on history.. but only based. Play what games you enjoy, and have fun. :)

Comment Re:Not really. (Score 1) 888

I have to disagree with your take on this. It would be similar to someone turning you down for health insurance because they have a picture of you at your 5th birthday party eating a large slice of cake and ice cream. Eating that large sugar-bomb might have taught you to moderate your sugars or face a tummy ache (unlikely), but it should not be used years later as proof of bad habits. While it sounds like the OP did something worth noting by *someone*, the fact that no charges were actually filed leads me to believe it should not be used against someone's job app ten or twenty years later. (I know this isn't a car analogy, but still..)

Comment Re:Password not required (Score 1) 234

I merged mine the other day. I had to use my username, password, and my digipass before I could merge my account. (I spent more time glancing at the address bar making sure it was the correct address than I did anything else..) I find most people who complain about being hacked are wrong (or lying) about how secure their internetz are. Phishing site, keylogger, scam artist, whatever.

Comment Re:Um, I'm doubtful (Score 1) 362

I recall working in a call center where the management proudly told the employees that they had reduced the turnover rate to 130%. Yes, that is One Three Zero Percent. Call center jobs suck. You provide a service (CS, Tech, Info, etc) to either the public or a group thereof, but you also (usually) have to sit through a mixture of mass stupidity and spiteful ignorance.

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