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Comment Not an either-or proposition! (Score 2) 745

After reading TFA, I say this: "Not surprisingly, Hamm considers some of the current administration's loans and subsidies for alternative energy ventures to be misplaced." is a pretty disingenuous statement. He seemed not to be against the new energy subsidies so much as pissed they were harrassing his company over a minor bird kill... and if the situation is as de describes I agree with him. Anyways, we should be able to do both... help kick start new energy sources and allow the market to continue to develop traditional ones.
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Journal Journal: Can Vegemite go bad? 1

Hello Samantha,

Picked up a jar of Vegemite here in the local grocery.. this is not a common product in the States, and it was past it's "best by" date. After some looking on the web I figured I wouldn't die, and I haven't yet. Does it eventually go bad?

Comment sponsorship contest (Score 1) 407

Think of the advertising and sponsorship possibilities! I am Larry Ellison, and my Oracle giant green energy penis is 30ft taller than Steve Jobs's Apple giant green energy penis! NO! I'm Zuckerburg, and even tho I don't have much geek cred, MY facebook green energy penis is 30ft taller than Larry Ellison's Oracle giant green energy penis! Really, with all the corporate cash on hand right now in some of the techs, investing in a giant green energy penis size war might make some sense.

Comment Re:Though High, Not Even Close to LinkedIn Hype (Score 4, Insightful) 93

I'm not going to try to understand the whole prospectus, but if they're "raising" 1B, their total valuation will be over that unless the current stockholders want absolutely nothing for their shares. Somehow I doubt that's going to happen.

Does anybody know what the estimated market cap will be?

I'm sad that there's so much valuation in this virtual crap as opposed to investment in solid manufacturing or infrastructure, like solar and LED companies, probably becuase that's what I'm in. But some folks obviously think the relentless march to Idiocracy (buying shit in the real world to better play games with your friends in the virtual world???) in this country will be quite profitable, and they may be right.

Comment deep water is cold (Score 3, Insightful) 426

Under 1000ft, seawater is usually under 4C. All the processes and critters that break down the oil work much slower in the cold. A lot of that area will probably remain dead until more silt falls over it and its recolonized from scratch. This is sad, but I doubt it was unexpected by anyone who knew anything.

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