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Submission + - Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Terrified Of Citizens With Cameras

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton recently criticized what he calls an ‘epidemic’ of citizens recording arrests amid the backlash over Harlem cop caught punching man who filmed him. "There is a phenomenon in this country that we need to examine," NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said. “This has become very serious. I would almost describe it an epidemic in this country,” Bratton added. As the NYPD continues to investigate a disturbing video of a Harlem cop pointing a gun at a group of onlookers armed only with smartphones and then punching one of the men recording him, the New York top cop's comments verged on the surreal. Since the advent of cellphone cameras, citizens have recorded an unending series of incidents showing police misconduct and brutality, up to and including murder. As the police are so fond of saying, "If you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?" So what is Police Commissioner Bill Bratton afraid of?

Submission + - U.S. lawmaker orders NASA to plan for trip to Alpha Centauri (

sciencehabit writes: This week, a senior U.S. lawmaker who helps write NASA’s budget called on the agency to begin developing its own interstellar probes, with the aim of launching a mission to Alpha Centauri, our nearest star system, in 2069—the centenary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Representative John Culberson (R–TX), a self-professed space fan who chairs the House of Representatives appropriations subpanel that oversees NASA, included the call for the ambitious voyage in a committee report released today.

In the report, Culberson’s panel “encourages NASA to study and develop propulsion concepts that could enable an interstellar scientific probe with the capability of achieving a cruise velocity of 0.1c [10% of the speed of light].” The report language doesn’t mandate any additional funding, but calls on NASA to draw up a technology assessment report and conceptual road map within 1 year.

Comment Re:Not useless (Score 1) 5

I was wondering what adding solar cells would do to the flight distance of the vehicle, there would be a gain, but would it be a big enough difference. If it gave a more than a 5% increase I think it would be help full enough to look into. And if it was designed more like a glider you could get even more out of it since the batteries would charge when the plane was in a glide.

Submission + - Welcome to America: Here's your Linux computer (

An anonymous reader writes: Recently a mother walked into the computer center where I work and commented, "I just came down down to the library to see what kind of learning resources there are down here." I gave the mom a quick tour of the 28 public Linux stations our library offers for free seven days a week. As a casual afterthought, the mom says, "By the way, here are my two kids. I adopted them two weeks ago." Standing before me were two beautiful children, ages 12 and 8, looking slightly scared but also curious at their new surroundings.

I inquired, "Do your kids have their own computer at home?" Mom replied, "No, they currently borrow my laptop, which is not such an ideal situation." I countered, "Tell them they're getting their own donated desktop computer on Monday next week. I'll prepare it for them over the weekend."

In ten years time, these kids and their mom may well remember that first Linux computer the family received. Tux was there, as I see it, waiting to welcome these youth to their new country. Without Linux, that surplussed computer might have gotten trashed. Now that computer will get two, four, or maybe even six more years use from students who really value what it has to offer them.

Comment From the horses mouth (Score 1) 289

Speaking as someone who has been diagnosed as both asbergers affected and adhd affected, much of the diagnosis are false and the children are just rambunctious children who haven't fully grown into their bodies. I'm not denying anyone who really has it from getting what they need. But most of the time children don't need medication or special therapy just good parenting. As I came to adulthood I still exhibit some mild tendencies but nothing compared to what I was being diagnosed with. I know a few other people with aspergers and autism and the more parental involvement the better they turned out as well.

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