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Submission + - Bitcoin - When you can and can't rely on 0 confirmations (

An anonymous reader writes: Is it ever safe to not wait for 0 confirmations in a Bitcoin transaction?
It seems people underestimated the extent to which 0 confirmations can be trusted and the article suggests what options merchants and payment processors have to deal with the issue and at the same time avoid friction at checkout.

Comment Re:Finally a damn good use for 2of2 multisignature (Score 0) 2

The way it is implemented is such that if the server gets fully compromised and gives bad data or if the server disappears you are still fully protected with the tool , which is quite an amazing feat IMHO and it could be further improved (hardware client wallet).

Submission + - zero trust 2of2 Open Source Wallet (uses Electrum servers!) 2

lorenzino writes: have just released and open sourced a local/packaged Chrome application for accessing's zero trust Multisig HD wallets.
A quick introduction video, Chrome app,
which double checks blockchain data locally against electrum bitcoin network and they promise instant transactions as well as a ton of other features including social payments.

Comment Re:Linux on the Desktop is easy (Score 0) 615

Well, I don't think it should be a software company.
I think that companies like Toshiba, Asus, Sony, Acer and what not should pick one of the most popular distro from distro-watch.

Say the first 3 or 5.

And all they need to do is support they're on device and maybe get Canonical or $OTHER_COMPANY_NAME to do it for them for a fee.

Comment Re:perspective (Score 0) 615

Same here.
Basically it went like this:

1) Windows advanced user. Very frustrated.
2) Trying installing every other distro. Got Mandrake to sort of work but every time I would fuck something up and have to reinstall - just like windows. This not because I played too much with it but because I was trying to get to work some hardware or software that I was using in windows
3) Go to uni, see that my java professor used a mac and therefore if he's a programmer and uses a mac I can do it too.
4) Fall in love with mac, buy iBook -it works, it's great - bash/posix, pretty, good OS - buy new macbook to replace iBook, then buy various iPods (mini and then nano) airport express (remote speaker anyone?) and apple tv.
5) realize that remote speaker my ass, only via iTunes (perhaps quicktime too, not too sure)
6) hack to apple tv to watch divx and mount nfs drives.
7) get really pistoff when they REMOVED nfs and afs support from it and the mare fact I can't use my linux deskop as a source of anything (picture, music) - somethings not even hacking
8) fall in love with iPhonev.2 hardware and like the software but can't accept the IMPOSED limitations such as bt, filetransfer, basically angry that I have to jailbreak it (and therefore lose warranty) to get it to work like I like.
9) In the mean time Linux on the desktop become accessible (see ubuntu), I got just better on unix, config files as I started doing software development professionally.
11) Profit - back to Linux, and I hate how much I have to fight to get apple gadgets to work so skipping them.

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