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Comment Re:If he's really innocent he should confess (Score 1) 69

There was an organization, I believe it was Lawyers without border, did an analysis of the high conviction rates in Japan and they found that it was mostly because the prosecutors only took cases to court in which they were absolutely sure they had enough evidence for a conviction.

However, after watching the dramatized documentary a documentary of the the systemic faults of the Japanese court system which is convicting innocent people, I have some doubts that it is actually the reality rather than the courts convicting innocent people.

Comment Re:Maths (Score 1, Interesting) 262

Why is this anonymous coward moderated funny. The anonymous should be moderated insightful cause it is correct that for very large number of two. 2+2=5. Let me demonstrate:

By writing 2+2=5, we merely have one significant digit of precision. It is very possible that the 2s are for example 2.4 or 2.1 or whatever number which would be rounded down to 2 when written with a one significant digit.

Imagine that the twos are actually 2.4999... which when added together would be 4.999... As we are only have a single digit of precision we are forces to round that to 5. Hence we have proved that 2+2=5 for very large numbers of 2.

Comment Re:CGI wishes (Score 1) 282

Replacing photographers are already being done. I know from friends of mine who work in IKEA PR-department as 3D-artists, that they have been constructing scenes instead of photographing for least the past 3 years as they have been employed at IKEA. Arranging furniture, decorating, photographing the lot and then retouching it takes longer than just doing it in 3D software from scratch.

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