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Comment Re:Good to see what EVE is like (Score 1, Interesting) 101

I agree with you. EVE is a dull, boring game with a terrible UI. The only thing that makes it enjoyable is PvP if you're in a good corporation/alliance. It's not rewarding over short term. It's lots and lots of grinding for money so you can experience a battle for a few minutes and then you're back to 10h of grinding. It's hard to find a fair player, most of them will try to scam you in any way possible. Honorable players are rare. It's next to impossible to a fair fight. There are definitely great moments in game, but the amount of negativity is overwhelming and that is the reason so many people leave after trial runs out. Even those who have full accounts take breaks and often complain of boredom. It has a very low ratio of fun/"time invested".

Comment Re:and windows is insecure... (Score 2, Informative) 214

Operating system has nothing to do with this attack. Web server has nothing to do with this attack. JIRA has to do with this attack. If a session cookie is stolen and is valid when used by the 3rd party, it's the application's fault. The solution would be a better, more secure session manager in JIRA. Additional solution would be using HTTPS.

Comment Re:Earthquake relationship ? (Score 1) 110

To cause an earthquake, it would have to be a concentrated beam of EM energy, something that only man made technology can do. There are reports that HAARP was on at full power from a few days ago to a few hours past the Haitian earthquake. HAARP can cause earthquakes. Russians and Chinese have the same super weapons.

Comment Global warming? (Score 1) 116

Is it just me or does anyone else think that a great contributor to global warming is the method with which we create and consume power. We produce most of the electricity with steam and that steam needs to cool off before it can become steam again. They way that steam is cooled is either with water or surrounding air. Every nuclear reactor needs to be next to a river if the outside air is not cold enough. The river on which our reactor is built is 4C hotter after it passes the power plant because it's used to cool the steam. And that temperature increase is constant, all the time. Coal power plants do the same. Then, on the consumer side, we also convert much of that electricity into heat, with inefficient light bulbs, cars (thats why the engine needs a heatsink and a fan), electronic equipment, etc... If your computer uses 150W, thats 150W of heat output per hour. Human body outputs on average ~100Wh.

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