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Comment Re:What is the FPU performance of these things...? (Score 1) 202

There's a whole lot of variables in play and I don't think we'll know until people really start using this. Intel's first viersion of AVX didn't extend all SSE instructions to 256 bits, I don't know if AMD's does so you might give up performance in some workloads there. I think for desktop use this will be a real win since you rarely run two applications that both use floating point.

Comment Don't you just hate it (Score 4, Interesting) 503

Don't you just hate it when Microsoft takes the high road on security and raises some valid points. We've been through this scenario a bunch of times where some class of programs that used to only be used by local programs became accessible on the web and suddenly there is a rash of exploits (jpeg and pdf come to mind), I'd rather not go through it again.

That said, I think Microsoft laid out the problems with enough specificity that they could be addressed.


Submission + - Asus Motherboard Box Doubles as PC Case ( 1

itwbennett writes: "Taiwan's Asus has a novel idea to cut down on shipping waste: What if the shipping container became the PC case? That's the idea behind a box the company will begin using to ship one of its Mini ATX motherboards. It holds the motherboard snug for shipping and is constructed so additional components required to make a PC can be added, said Debby Lee, a spokeswoman for the Taipei-based company. An example of the box is showing at this week's Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany."

Submission + - Sleeping on a problem 'best way to solve it' (

webeater writes: "It may sound unusual, but sleeping on a problem may be the best way to solve it, says a study.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that distracting oneself for a few minutes with something else or, even better putting off the issue until the next day, helps the brain come up with the ideal solution."

Comment Re:That long ago? (Score 2) 721

In the linked case, the short story wasn't renewed, but the longer compilation (with a different title) was. Since the compilation was copyrighted within 2 years of the short story, its renewal extended the copyright of the short story as well, so the first half isn't in the public domain, neither is the short story.

Copyright is complex, PG made an error, admitted it, and pulled the story.

Comment No video (Score 1) 286

It doesn't look like it can do video, that's too bad. You can also have only one account active (so you can't have both a work and a personal account). It takes over 10MB installed and can't be installed on the SD card. Other than that, it looks good.

Breaking the Squid Barrier 126

An anonymous reader writes "Dr. Steve O'Shea of Auckland, New Zealand is attempting to break the record for keeping deep sea squid alive in captivity, with the goal of being able to raise a giant squid one day. Right now, he's raising the broad squid, sepioteuthis australis, from egg masses found in seaweed. This is a lot harder than it sounds, because the squid he's studying grow rapidly and eat only live prey, making it hard for them to keep the squid from becoming prey themselves. If his research works out, you might one day be able to visit an aquarium and see giant squid."

Porsche Unveils 911 Hybrid With Flywheel Booster 197

MikeChino writes "Porsche has just unveiled its 911 GT3 R Hybrid, a 480 horsepower track vehicle ready to rock the 24-hour Nurburgring race this May. Porsche's latest supercar will use the same 911 production platform available to consumers today, with a few race-ready features including front-wheel hybrid drive and an innovative flywheel system that stores kinetic energy from braking and then uses it to provide a 160 horsepower burst of speed. The setup is sure to offer an advantage when powering out of turns and passing by other racers."

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