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Comment Re:They are just lazy (Score 1) 159

Might want to think twice about your comment if you haven't ever been in sales.

I've been a developer for over 10 years and then I switched over the services which has a closer connection to sales. Really opened my eyes to what a different world it is.

How would you like it if some sales guy came by and stated that R&D should just upload their code to github and thus allow anyone in the org to submit pull requests.

Comment Re:A change in diet - from what? (Score 1) 588

Perhaps they meant a change from the old food pyramid:

Growing up the mantra I remember that the mantra was to avoid fat at all costs because duh... eating fat would make you fat. However, you could eat pretty much as much grain as you want (with no distinction made for refined grains and/or sugar).

Comment Ominous (Score 1) 491

As another poster stated on the original article:

It would appear that someone on board deliberately, covertly and professionally flew it away, to the remotest spot within fuel range.

Trying to cover his tracks meanwhile, probably to avoid the stigma of being found out.

Pretty sinister, looks like the plane was pretty much flying to the South Pole.

Comment Interviewing is honed skill (Score 2) 218

I consider interviewing to be similar to sales. You're selling yourself and you need to be able to effectively counter objections. It's a skill that very quickly becomes rusty.

One book I found helpful is the Adams Job Interview Almanac as it helps identify the reason why questions are asked.

Doing so isn't easy and is a skill that must be practiced. In the current commercial for AT&T with the 4 women and 1 man professionals, would you be able to understand why each question is asked and be able to answer effectively?

Comment Re:Isn't decomposition recent... ? (Score 1) 167

I think so. I remember reading in a museum somewhere about a hypothesis that ancient trees didn't decompose... they just kept piling up.

Based on a genetic analysis of mushroom fungi, David Hibbett and colleagues proposed that large quantities of wood were buried during this period because animals and decomposing bacteria had not yet evolved that could effectively digest the tough lignin.

Comment Re:Innovation rarely exists. (Score 1) 100

> Proprietary software tries to leverage the time and energy of a small group of talented people, to prduce a product of greater sophistication than an individual software hack can produce in a sensible amount of time, and extort money out of them for the service of providing an already made package that should suit thier needs. (Should). This is done to get a slightly higher amount of monetary valuation of "time" from the customer, and offer a "bargain" in time expenditure vs value to the customer.

Yes for the core product. But a lot of the value that proprietary corporations provide is in the area that the talented people often don't want to do. Things like support, bug fixes, documentation, improvements of mundane old features, and customizations for a select few.

Comment Re:How safe? (Score 1) 947

Biker here for about 15 years. Definitely concur here.

The two most dangerous conditions are when vehicles are turning right or left at intersections. Doesn't matter if you have the right of way or not, you have to assume that they don't see you and will plow into you.

Also remember that even though they are muck lighter, bikes suck at stopping compared to vehicles. Think tire surface area contacting the pavement and mass.

Took me several collisions (luckily none severe) to learn my lesson.

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