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Journal Journal: Sasha Shulgin suffers a stroke

This is sad news, and such a genius should not be short on money. And this is a reason why Jersey Shore is a travesty - they do not have money problems while a person who played a heavy influence on the development of North American and European popular culture and society can't afford to pay for medical treatment.

Alexander Shulgin, who re-synthesised MDMA (ecstasy), a drug that fuelled the 1980s acid house dance craze. Photograph: Tim Coleman/Rex Features

Comment Old console games? (Score 1) 418

Games seem more fun when you're supposed to be doing something else, like working. Even mine sweeper and solitaire were fun at work.

Other than that, if you want somnething good to play at home, try some classic console games: NES, SNES, .... Atari 2600 ..., Commodore, Amiga, Sega, etc. Emulators are OK, but they are more fun to play on the original hardware.

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Journal Journal: Big 'n' Veiny

The gf is gone to help her sister across town (in San Fran). She said she will be gone for about 1 week. And I feel like a load has been taken off my mind, if you can relate. Yesterday evening, I was thinking about what to do during my freedom: do some studying, ride my bike to China Town and try to cop, go for a long run, eat some kratom.

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Journal Journal: If the shit fits, wear it.

Listening to GG Allin. I saw him live once when I was a teenager in Richmond. I like his earlier stuff, but by then (early 90s), he'd really gone down hill. The highlight of his act was him ripping off his clothes, spewing shit all over the stage (took laxatives/enemas to get theeffect), rolling around in it, throwing the feces into the audience, then the audience rushing the stage to kick his ass. A couple of my friends from the DC area had told me about it so I went.

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Journal Journal: Gang Stalking 2

I just stumbled on a website devoted to a supposed phenomenon known as "gang stalking." This activity looks like an urban legend to me. It's just too preposterous to be real. Anyway, this website (or one like it) looks like the source of inspiration for the author of one of the journal accounts that I follow here on slashdot. Sadly, that journal seems to me to be a work of fiction, but it has had a few good moments. If anybody besides myself ever follows that journal, this website might m

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I follow some of the blogs here on slashdot. Sometiems they are interesting and I post replies. I posted this as AC in someone's journal the other day. He mentioned something that reminded me of a ring I'd found:


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