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Comment Re:Apple uses Azure and Amazon... (Score 1) 288

Just tried to do a Photostream sync to my PC while running Wireshark. Guess where the HTTP-GET requests point? http://eu-irl-00001.s3.amazona... so yeah, they are definitely still not able to handle their own cloud-business, but instead relies on Amazons dirty cloud... So much for their 100% renewable BS.

Comment Re:Apple uses Azure and Amazon... (Score 1) 288

I'm pretty sure they do. They definitely did in 2011 or whenever iCloud with Photostream was released. There is simply no way that Apples little datacenter in NC can handle all that traffic. I'm sure they are planning to one day run it all by themselves (or maybe not). But I think their datacenter capacity is far from able to handle all of the iCloud services...

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