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Comment Re:IANAL, but (Score 1) 746

Obviously YANAL, if you were you would be forced to admit that the illegal NSA wiretaps constitute a violation of federal law in the form of FISA. This is not a point of debate among the right or the left. The administration would like you to believe (and it sounds like you've been suckered) that the president has the constitutional authority to break any law during wartime. (This 'president is above the law' thinking is reflected not only by the wiretap issue, but also in the administration's written statements that they intend to ignore the McCain anti-torture law recently passed.)

The question you should be asking yourself is "Should (Hillary Clinton/Ted Kennedy/Democratic boogeyman of the day) have unrestricted powers to break any American law they choose? How about if they decided the 2nd ammendment should be ignored and took away your guns? What if they decided that all Republicans should be wiretapped (this smells a little reverse Nixon-ish)?"

Bring the hearings on. I have yet to hear a single non-partisan expert defend the 'legality' of these wiretaps. The only people defending the program are Gonzales, Bush, Cheney, etc. within the administration and partisans hacks tweeting out the GOP approved talking points.

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