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Comment binary keyboard (Score 1) 204

When I was in college a professor of mine told a story that's stuck with me ever since.
He put 8 buttons on his bicycle handle bars (4 on each hand for his non-thumb digits) and could type by pressing combinations of buttons, ie. 8 bits per character. He did this on a cross-america tour, so there was plenty of time.
I ride bicycles, so this worked in my head. I can't really imagine the interface (GUI? HUD?) but the input is interesting.
If you've got enough geek in you it shouldn't be TOO hard to start typing at a reasonable pace, even while grasping your handlebars.

Comment Re:Wish they would just knock it off with "earth-l (Score 0) 168

You're right. We should all just give up and kill ourselves now.
Just because some PR guy somewhere used a word in a way that doesn't please you doesn't mean it's all for naught and we should just stop trying.
Kepler is doing great science, extending our knowledge of the universe, and if it's being presented in a way that doesn't please you GO THE FUCK AWAY!

Comment Are you all kidding me? (Score 5, Insightful) 289

Ok, so TFA doesn't say it very clearly but his site does.
This is for a graduate assistant to STEPHEN HAWKING.
My stipend was 1/4 of that at best and, oh yeah, did I mention... This is for a graduate assistant to STEPHEN W. HAWKING.
I know you guys are all so F'ing incredible that you don't need resume bullets or care about other peoples' ideas, but how's about
  1. 2012-2013 - Personal assistant to STEPHEN W. HAWKING

Um, if I were eligible I'd be making them KNOW I was their man!

Comment Re:Quit (Score 1) 424

Are you out of your mind? Where will he find time to "Identify the key components of your system. Then for each key component, break it down to it’s parts and dependencies. Then break each one of those out, and so on, until you have a pretty damn good idea of what you have." while he's working his 3rd shift for the day on Saturday after having worked 80 hours the week before.

Yeah, "leap" right out the door. Been there, done that. MGMT doesn't care. They, of course, want the business to succeed and make everyone happy but they have no idea how much of your blood they are asking for or how long before you die or leave. And NO, they won't hire another person.

Comment Re:Something we should add... (Score 1) 263

Just remember "aggressive" isn't only the guy who finally gets pissed because you won't get out of the passing lane. The people in the passing lane are being just as aggressive by not getting out of the improper lane. That "aggressive" guy has been trying to get around for 5 minutes and finally does something stupid to get around.

Speeding up to keep someone from merging is just as aggressive.
Riding the merge lane to the very end, around everybody else, is just as aggressive.

Comment Bunch of Volvo driven pansies (Score 1) 263

It seems like most comments here are only bashing people with places to go and people to see. I've got too much to do to drive 5 under with 50m of free space to the next guy. I've dreamt of this technology for decades. Antonymous driving would be a god-send.

Driving as overly cautiously as many of you describe is just as dangerous and creates the rage you project onto the other guy.
There are many factors here, many of them revolve around how people interact, not just how fast or close they drive.

Rudeness and disrespect (something /. seems to know more about than most places these days) have a huge impact on driving in general. Be nice to each other!
  • Don't speed up so the next guy can't merge. Don't cut people off.
  • Driving slow isn't any safer. Get over that. If it scares you to drive at highway speeds, stay on the back roads or move out of the city.
  • Don't drive in the passing lane. Yes, lanes are designated. If there's no one in front of you and someone riding your ass, get outta the way and people won't do stupid/angry/offensive/sudden/aggressive things to get around you. It's not making the situation better. It's making it worse. Just slide over. I don't think less of you for it, I'll respect you for it and probably wave with a smile on my face.

Just driving slower isn't any safer. Just because I'm driving faster doesn't make you a "better" or me a "worse" driver. Seriously. Please detach slower from better. They have nothing in common. Have you ever taken a drivers course? I'm not talking about the "Safe Drivers" online course you took to get out of that ticket, but a real course taught by a professional. Competence and velocity are not synonymous.

Comment Re:One more thing China (Score 1) 481

*Stop port scanning me - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!
*Stop sending me spam - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!
*Stop trying to hack my servers - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!
*Stop firewalling the Internet - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!
*Stop polluting so much - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!
*Stop allowing human trafficking - eh
*Stop opblockquotessing your people - State sanctioned activity... "get a handle on these things?" Success!

So, all they have to do is stop human trafficking and they can shoot for the Asteroid? Hmmm. Something seems amiss.

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