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Comment Concept, Schmonscept (Score 1) 726

I recognize that the movie was crafted to be multi-layered, satirical, a critique on imperialism, whatever. And I understand it was different in many ways than the book. But to be on a list of "best films", shouldn't the movie have to be written with good dialogue and have at least decent acting? Neither of which, the movie even came close in.

Comment We did this (Score 2) 356

This past summer, we bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 specifically for the purpose of communicating across the Atlantic from Ireland/England. The wife took it, it was nice, light, and reliable, and she was able to GTalk with the kids and me (Skype video wasn't available at the time) . The only issue (not tablet specific) was finding wifi spots in certain semi-rural areas of Ireland.
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Journal SPAM: Judge Sentelle Strikes Again! 3

The ruling was based on the outrageous supposition that Guantanamo Bay prison is not US territory, and therefore excludes any claim of habeas corpus. The two prevailing judges insist that Guantanamo is a leased property that falls under Cuban sovereignty.

So, move the prisoners to the US and restore their rights as human beings being held by the government of the United States of America. Yeah, right.


Submission + - Cheap HDMI cables and Switchers

Robbie Hodge writes: "Hello /.,

My name is Robbie Hodge. I am a manager over here at When at work all of us enjoy reading news blogs and your website. I figured I'd drop a line to show you some of our products. Right now we are a big hit in the HDMI section. We have the lowest HDMI cables on the web right now. Today we just brought on a new product called the HDMI Switcher. You've probably seen them around ... but our price is really nice. Check the switcher out: =HDMI-3SWITCH. HDMI Cables: 7

We've been on Gizmodo and a few other websites recently as they talked about HDMI Mark up at retail places and how crazy that is. FireFold is out there to save the public a buck(or 100!) and make a few our selves. Check out the website and see what you think.. Feel free to link us up. We will do the same for you!



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