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Comment Re:Need more mature languages (Score 1) 232

When you just learn what is a variable, a loop, a function, an expression, an assignment, an object, a module⦠(ie. when you are a beginner), the (real) problems you list are not your problems.
As long as you just use programming for simple tasks automation, basic usage, they are still not your problems.

When you want to become a professional developer, they generally appear, but I hope you are in position to learn other languages adapted to your requirements.

Comment An alternative for Linux users (Score 1) 648

For a Visual Basic like language on Linux, you can look at Gambas a bit like Visual Basic (but it is NOT a clone!).

For other arguments if he achieve to make his students understand concepts like variables, types, expressions, assignment, functions whatever be the language used to teach, its reusable knownledge for other languages.

Comment Same with SOLAR16 in france (Score 1) 336

These systems, built by Telemecanique in 70's, are used in nuclear power-plants, and many are still active (more than 16000 were sold worldwide, in europe they sold similar quantity as PDP11 units).

As nuclear plant control software have been validated for these computers, devices control are interfaces with their bus, they are not easy (and very expensive) to replace (I've seen devices with memory + battery + DAT unit having same IO interface as old cartridge disks they replaced).
They have nice features considering the time they were built: failure detection and correction, high availability, realtime OS. See (sorry, found no page in english)

Comment Complicated and out of dated (Score 1) 317

He choosed a very complicated way to just build a solar oven ("four solaire" in french).

Reading the new, I thought I will see a fool building a new solar plant in his garden... Like (in smaller size) the one in Spain (PS10), or the one in france (Odeillo).

Note: if its just to burn some stuff, my chidren use a magnifying glass and its enough.

Comment 100y for the media - how long for read device ? (Score 1) 267

Some medical devices used Magneto-Optical media for recording huge data examination.
But... builder for media and reader said it will stop this technology (too old).

So, how long will we have de devices to read all these media ?
How long will they produce the media to fill in still running devices ?

A study for archiving nuclear location informations conclued that the better solution was... paper (not common paper, but paper with just printed and eye readable informations).

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