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Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 283

How can anyone in their right mind say that this is a good idea? Kick out the disruptive kids. If their phone rings, its a disruption. The school has no right to go through a students phone just because it's in the students possession. The "kids aren't adults" comment: Remind me how kids aren't people? The government isn't allowed to search your shit without a warrant or probable cause, why would a school have more freedom to do so? Removing phones from schools isn't the solution either. Please stop saying "humans evolved just fine without them." Yeah, we evolved without them, but we also evolved without vaccines, health care, school, etc. That isn't any justification not to have them. Just ask students to turn their phones off, and if the teacher catches them with it out, it is placed on the teachers desk until the end of the class. Multiple violations will result in it being confiscated for the entire day. "If no one had anything against school rules on their phones, then they wouldn't have to implement such a policy." Please. Just because you shouldn't have anything against school policy on your phone doesn't mean they should be able to search it. Who wants to have all their private emails and conversations read, as well as pictures and online profiles that the teacher wouldn't have access to otherwise. As I have said before on here, you all need to read 1984. It's becoming more and more relevant...

Comment Re:No sympathy (Score 1) 634

Third strike for you here (this is the third nonsense post you have made on this story alone.) Maybe you should take the time out to consider the situation. Maybe you child was misbehaving? Most likely. Maybe your bad parenting caused it? Possibly. If she is misbehaving in the classroom, then maybe your defense of her actions is going to tell her it's ok to continue doing that? Definitely.

Comment Re:She should be fired for being a bad teacher (Score 1) 634

Please please please stop with the race card excuse. It is sooooo over used and most often untrue. If the black student is bad at math, it is most likely a product of his economic class. (Not much emphasis placed on school, lack of solid parenting etc.) This happens with any poor person, it's not because he's black. This is 2011, most people don't see a black kid and think "Oh he must be stupid because he is black."

Comment Re:She should be fired for being a bad teacher (Score 1) 634

Her expectations were set by the students actions. You obviously haven't been in the average high school classroom lately. It's ridiculous. Kids get away with saying almost anything in class, and the teacher is near powerless to stop them. All it takes are a few to start the disruption and a few more to join in and then there is no more learning happening. Like someone else said, what can the teacher do to stop them? Kick them out, so they go sit in ISS, then come back the next day and disrupt even more? And your view of your mother's work is extremely childish. "My mom changes kid's lives, she can make them learn no matter what the problem!" The students enjoy disrupting class because others think it's funny. I'm not some white knight for teachers, they have a lot of faults, but give them some credit. Most kids in my generation are pieces of shit, mostly because of bad parenting. And the cycle will continue...

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