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Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 352

Fashion companies don't make things that are useful or good. They make arbitrary shit, then make it popular, and people rush to buy the inferior, but fashionable, product, and pay a lot more for the privilege.

It's not like you can even blame Apple for taking advantage of this, really. But it's not about "market research", it's about "setting the trend". Telling, not asking, people what they want.


Wow, that's an accomplishment in /. shitposting. No ASCII art, no GNAA, just an enormous wall of text.

But you still fail it - the entire post should have been a goatse link. You had a chance, man. Any accidental click anywhere on the screen and boom! goatse. But instead you fail it. Go back to trolling lesser sites, you're not ready for /. yet.

Comment Re: Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 297

You're missing the point on the bathroom thing, from the conservative point of view: the bathroom names are euphemisms, we say "men" and "women" to be polite, but the intent is "penis" and "vagina"? Why? Because sexual predators are far more common than pre-op transsexuals. You need some legal consequence for someone who isn't in any way trans-anything, but who is just looking for a victim alone in an isolated place.

Actually good engineers push the boundaries all the time. That is how they succeed.

Which has nothing to do with being skeptical of new fads and short-cuts. As a senior engineer, I spend most of my time pointing out why things won't work, how this thing that seems easy is just worse in the long run, and so on. A lot of rules that seem pointless, constraining, and the source of needless complexity to the fresh college hire, or maybe even to the mid-tier guy, are there for very good reason - they just haven't been fucked by that particular situation yet, so they don't get it.

This is true for any complex system, especially systems of people. Just because you don't understand why that seemingly-needless restriction is there, doesn't mean it's not there for some important reason.

That is the intelligence of conservatives. In thirty years you will be that old person, unable to grasp the basic operation of computers 30 years from now

I'm already that "30 years form now" guy. I've seen so many fads come and go, so many ideas that everyone thought was great blow up and be horrible. And almost none of it is actually new, it just the people weren't in the field the last time it was tried and abandoned.

It's often the same with political change - very little is new when it comes to human nature, and if you don't ignore everything that happened before you were born, you can read about the last time some idea was tried, and discover why you only find it in history books.

, but you will struggle using the interface, ... to you it will all be a new fad even though it started 10 years earlier.

Some interfaces are just bad, and they were bad and I struggled with them 20 years ago when they we're tried the last time, then abandoned because they suck.

That's the heart of it all: don't confuse change with progress. Being skeptical of change can be the way the fastest progress is made.

Comment Re:Technology... (Score 1) 471

It's the vision that motivates people. No one gives a shit about self-sustaining colonies in the Sahara (and it's illegal in the Anartic). But if the goal is to colonize Mars, cool shit will happen.

That was historically NASA's value: lots of cool stuff got invented for daily life because engineers were highly motivated by going to space.

Comment Re:Blocking is illegal, but this isn't... (Score 1) 170

They where NOT preventing anybody from operating on any spectrum they wished, you could walk outside of the venue and crank up your WiFi hotspot anytime you wished. Private property owners have the right to allow or deny any activity on their property they choose

C'mon, that's so obviously not true I'm not sure how you finished typing it. Anyway, the airwaves are special. You can't charge a fee to have access to them on your property. (So many things are special that it's hard to think of them as special cases these days - there are exceptions to just about everything you wrote - for example, you can't make rules that have the effect of excluding black people from your property. There's lots of case law around dress codes.) Excluding is different from restricting to only those who pay a fee.

If we don't have such property rights in this country, then why do we call it "private property"?

Conservatives asking that for years now. Just try creating a pond on your property!

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