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Boston University Working On LED Wireless Networks 179

Madas writes "This article on Absolute Gadget details how researchers at Boston University's College of Engineering are working on devloping wireless networks that use LED lights instead of normal radio waves. This research apparently has other uses in the automobile industry. Apparently the LEDs could warn you if the driver in front has put the brakes on so could avoid hitting the car in front. Personally, I'd use the vision balls that are in my thought box."

Comment Re:Problem with C/C++ pointers (Score 1) 184

One of the main features of C is interchangable int and void*.
Huh? Win32 certainly made that assumption, passing pointers around in DWORDs, but there's never been any guarantee of it in the language. I happen to agree that 64 bit platforms should have made int 64 bits, but in terms of "biting the bullet", Alpha, SPARC64 and all of the other platforms mentioned elsewhere here have already gotten most of the job done for the *NIX world. If you're on Windows, there's probably more of a problem, but that has more to do with design decisions made in Win32 (and a less degree, Win64) than C.

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