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Submission + - Summer jobs? 1

log1385 writes: I'd really like to avoid flipping burgers this summer. What is the best way to find employment over the internet so that I can work from home? I just finished my third-year as an undergrad majoring in applied mathematics with minors in computer science and physics, and I am currently a part-time IT guy at a public library, so I have some expertise in those areas. Of course, I would be happy with any sort of online job even if it doesn't make use of those skills. So, Slashdot, where do I look for jobs?

Submission + - SETI to release data to the public (

log1385 writes: SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is releasing their collected data to the public. Jill Tarter, director of SETI, says, "we hope that a global army of open-source code developers, students and other experts in digital signal processing, as well as citizen scientists willing to lend their intelligence to our exploration, will have access to the same technology and join our quest."

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 1) 146

<quote>I've noticed that since being online my spelling has improved tremendously. As a kid growing up I always had much difficulty with spelling/grammar, but in a world of red squiggly lines misspelled words become hard to ignore. I know most people say that spell check ruins people's ability to spell, however I'd argue the opposite.</quote>

I think that's only partially true. I can't tell you how many times per day I see someone type "loose" instead of "lose", or misuse "to" and "too". Basic things like that slip through spell checks all the time, and I'm always seeing otherwise literature people misusing words like that.

Comment Re:Is it really? (Score 1) 554

<quote>Hmmm let's see, underfunded government entities are unable to keep up with new technology trends. I would not call that revelation, "Stunning."</quote>

The problem is not that the government is underfunded. No matter how much money it has, the government will never be able to keep up with technology. Microsoft has been throwing money at security improvement for years, and still MS apps and OS's are susceptible to the latest attacks. Money is not the problem or the solution. The problem is that the government acts as if people are robots and will only behave in certain ways.

Comment Maybe try fixing it... (Score 1, Flamebait) 314

That's wonderful that you agree, Mr. Barnes. Why don't you do something about it? What's that, you say? "given the political environment within the company and no one division really owns the entire site(s), I honestly don't see a realistic reform"? Of course! How could I possibly be so naive to think that customer service and ease of website use should come before company politics? Silly me.

Submission + - Video game music with incremental improvement (

quintin3265 writes: "remixSite, a website centered on video game music, allows any artist to submit original songs and remixes of favorite tracks and to incrementally improve them. The site, which integrates with the Video Game Music Database, provides versioning and allows composers to receive feedback by the community after uploading. This incremental improvement of music allows game composers to see what works and what doesn't before issuing a final release their work. Unlike OverClocked ReMix, where judging is required as a prerequisite for inclusion, submissions at remixSite are reviewed by the community after posting."

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 116

Oh, but they do have a definition.

Beta (bay'-tuh) n. 1. A tag that doesn't fit for large enterprises: "We've come to appreciate that the beta tag just doesn't fit for large enterprises that aren't keen to run their business on software that sounds like it's still in the trial phase." 2. Something that looks cool: "for those who still like the look of "beta", we've made it easy to re-enable the beta label for Gmail from the Labs tab under Settings."

Comment Re:Its not rocket surgery... (Score 2, Informative) 865

A few other suggestions...

If you work in a multi-story building, take the stairs instead of the elavator. I've heard testimonies of people who have lost a few pounds in the space of weeks just by walking up two flights of stairs every day instead of using the elevator. Also, park farther away and make yourself take a walk. Little things like that, together with a healthful diet, can go a long way.

Comment Re:Your Goal: One Second or Less (Score 1) 654

Here's basically what happens when most computers boot up: the BIOS is loaded first, and makes sure that all of the important hardware is working. Then the BIOS looks for a bootable device (usually your hard drive). After that, the instructions of in the boot sector of your hard drive (or other bootable device) takes over and loads the OS.

That said, I think it's reasonable to ask for a 1 second boot time. Here's hoping.

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