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Comment Waiting for Vista to die. (Score 1) 408

I've been using the same laptop (as a desktop replacement) for more than five years now. Recently I decided I could use a little more speed and was going to replace it, but I've decided to put it off for a while.

The reason: Windows Vista. It's still preloaded on around half the laptops in the stores. Sure, I could buy a Vista laptop and slap a pirated copy of Win7 on it, but for some reason that seems wrong. Not the pirating Windows part, the paying for the abomination that is Vista part.

It's currently too hard to browse computers when so many of them come with this anti-feature. I'll resume my search in the new year. Hopefully Vista will be the clear minority by then.


Submission + - NJ Law Bans Some Sex Offenders from Internet Use

kaufmanmoore writes: A new law signed into law Thursday bans sex offenders who used to internet to lure their victims and those under lifetime supervision bans them from using the internet for non work related use. The offenders would be required to discuss their computer access to their parole officers and violations could result in fines and jail time. New Jersey joins Florida and Nevada as the only states to restrict internet use among convicted sex offenders. More details available here.

Submission + - Domains May Disappear After Search 1

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "A perfect domain name pops into your mind, a quick check at your registrar reveals that the domain is available, you put off the registration a few minutes and when you come back to register the domain, it's taken by someone else. How much time has elapsed between the search and the attempted registration — in one case, less than 90 seconds. Daily Domainer has an interesting story alleging that there may be a leak that allows domain tasters to intercept, analyze and register your domain ideas in minutes. "Every time you do a whois search with any service, you run a risk of losing your domain," says one industry insider. ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC ) has not been able to find hard evidence of Domain Name Front Running but they have issued an advisory (pdf) for people to come forward with hard evidence it is happening. Here is how domain name research theft crimes can occur and some tips to avoiding being a victim."

Apple and Fox Set to Announce Movie Rental Deal 192

mudimba writes "Apple and Twentieth Century Fox are about to announce a deal that will allow users to rent Fox movies over iTunes. The deal will allow people to download movies that will only play for a limited amount of time. 'Pali Research analyst Stacey Widlitz said the deal follows a trend of Hollywood studios selling directly to consumers and cutting out the middleman. "It's just a sign the studios feel ... that another distribution channel is where they are choosing to go, and incrementally it hurts Blockbuster and Netflix," Widlitz said.'"

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