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Comment Re:Online Advertising Response (Score 2) 369

It also makes Facebook apps harder to code, because all of them are opened inside an iframe.
The app inside the iframe relies on setting cookies to keep the session alive, but this won't work anymore because of this policy.
Yes, there are a few workarounds for that, as in "redirect to app domain on _top, set a cookie, and then redirect back to facebook", but that's far from ideal.
I've had to do this because of Safari so that the app would work correctly.

Comment Re:Fair for the goose... (Score 4, Informative) 476

Just as a sidenote, Android Jelly Bean axes USB Mass Storage, in favor of MTP.

The main problem with block device level access is that you can't access it from 2 places simultaneously, so it means the filesystem must be unmounted from the phone to be mounted on the PC.

Yes, USB Mass Storage support is everywhere, and getting MTP to work isn't as easy, but I guess it will get better fast.

Comment Re:"Boosted"? (Score 1) 44

This I don't understand - I, too, dislike/don't use facebook chat, but I have turned it off once and haven't had it reset on me. Also, it appears to be a server-side setting, as logging in with other browsers/other machines keeps me offline with the list minimized. If yours keeps getting reset, that's a perfect time to open a bug with facebook devs (which is easy, and they amazingly do respond).

Excuse me, but how do you open a bug with facebook devs?
A couple months ago, a website of mine was being hit by facebook bot about a hundred times per second, all asking for the same url.
I tried to find a way to contact them, but couldn't.. the only form I found was not working (the ajax loader popped when submitting, and then it wouldn't complete).
I managed to work around it by banning facebook bot with an apache rule, but that wasn't ideal.

Comment Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 1) 230

Yes... forgot about focus-follows-mouse. With the mac-like menu, it's almost impossible to use it.
Also, when using 2 monitors, I found myself stuck with the Unity bar in the middle of my 2 monitors (well, in the left of each of them), which also sucked.
I use only a few icons in the desktop (mainly folders for quick access), and never use a window maximized, so they are not normally in front of them.
About the virtual desktops, I usually have a layout of my own, like:
#1 - browser in left monitor, terminal and pidgin in the right
#2 - big browser in left monitoring my servers, transmission and audacious in right monitor
#3 - usually a windows xp opened in virtual box so I can test things in IE (i'm a web dev)
#4 - left for any other stuff needed (sometimes libreoffice, or maybe gimp)
A few years back, some kde using friends would always mock me about gnome being so uncustomizable. I wonder what they would think about Unity.
It might be good for a tablet, or for a netbook, but I can't imagine myself using it on a full-blown desktop pc.

Comment Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 2) 230

Well, I tried it without Unity, but Gnome 3 was a mess for me. I felt a huge loss in productivity. Some things were missing. For example, I use emblems (in Nautilus) to organize some documents, flagging them (mostly banking documents, flagging them as "paid", "late", and so on). Also missed Compiz, not for the bells and whistles, but for desktop switching (mouse scrolling on the desktop background), and for instant screenshots of an area. I used ctrl-shift and marked the area I wanted, and a script I wrote would scp it to a public server and show the url with zenity. It's nice to be able to send instant shots to people on IMs like this.
I still couldn't make Compiz work nicely with MATE on Mint, but I did manage a workaround for the screenshot thingie (using 'scrot'), but I lost the desktop switching (must scroll in virtual desktop applet in the panel), but it's more acceptable than Gnome 3 (at least for me).
I can say I went to the new Ubuntu with an open mind to really try to like Unity or Gnome 3, but after 2 days running, I was so pissed off I almost installed Windows. I am ok with changes, provided the changes make me work better with my computer.

Comment Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 5, Interesting) 230

I second that.
I abandoned Ubuntu after it incorporated Unity. My loss of productivity was too big to continue using it. I was used to a functional desktop with Gnome 2. Gnome 3 is bad enough, but Unity? There is no way in hell I'm sticking with that. Hell, it's so bad I even thought about using Windows, and that's really something for someone who's been using Linux for about 17 years.
I found out Mint, a very nice distro, based on Ubuntu, made by people like me who couldn't stand Ubuntu+Unity. 2 flavores there, one using MATE (a fork of Gnome 2), and another running Cinnamon (a fork of Gnome 3, customized to look and function like Gnome 2).
I'm really happy after the switch. I'm back to having a functional desktop. I still miss Compiz for some stuff (screen glitches and some things missing), but I can live without it. I'm not going back to Ubuntu, or "upgrading" to Gnome 3.x.
After being bashed by so many people, I really don't know what Gnome devs got on their minds. We used to have something wonderful, and they stick going in the wrong direction (IMO, of course).

Comment Re:Wrong summary (Score 1) 100

No need to offend me. I migrated as soon as I received the first email, but I didn't know some services wouldn't be available after the migration.
For instance, when I try to access, I get the following message:

"Google+ is not yet available for Google Apps. Learn More.
Thanks for your patience!"

And the "Learn More" links here:

So, it's not a problem about me knowing how to use the Internet... it just doesn't support Google Apps... yet.
Of course, I could create a new Gmail address just for it, but it's just lame that I can't use my 12 year old email address for it anymore.

Comment Re:Wrong summary (Score 2) 100

That's good. When Google migrated my email address to a google account, I lost access to some services, including Orkut (who cares?) and Google+, because Google Apps (for domains) doesn't support Google Profiles yet.
So, there's no way for me to retrieve or access my Google+ account (I created the account there before Google migrated my email).
It would be a shame if Reader couldn't be accessed without Google+.

Comment Nightly (Score 1) 452

I am replying to this thread as someone who has beem using Chromium for the past several months, switching away from Firefox because of the huge memory footprint. I've seen it consume about 2GB of memory easily, and then it would become sluggish. Things would not respond fast, and it would hang for several seconds every 20 seconds or so. It had to be killed a few times per day.
Chromium is more resistant to that. Each tab opens a separate process, and manages its memory better. However, Chromium lacks excelent add-ons (from a webdev perspective). No decent Firebug (Firebug Lite isn't very good), and some other add-ons that are not as good as the Firefox counterpart.
Yesterday, I decided to have a try at the newest Firefox, and so far, I'm pretty much pleased by what I see. I got the Nightly, to stay at the bleeding edge. Browser is open since yesterday, and I haven't seen it consume over 500MB of memory, which is definitely some improvement. I don't think the JS engine or rendering is as fast or responsive as Chromium, but I can live with this.
I have used nightly builds from Firefox a long time ago, and although we know it can seriously break, I still haven't seen this happen (and I updated almost daily). I'm back to Firefox (err... Nightly is the codename now), and happy. If someone thinks memory management from this Firefox 7 isn't too good, give a try on Nightly, you might be as surprised as I was.

Comment Re:Not much to do (Score 2) 459

So unfortunately due to a bunch of dickhead marketers and organized crime in foreign countries the email system is largely broken.

Foreign countries? Last time I checked, the USA was the clear leader in sending out spam. But indeed, this is not a problem with the servers. We are just trying to protect ourselves from spam. Blame the spammers. I report all unflagged spam to SpamCop, and by doing that I managed to make a few of them lose their accounts. It's kinda funny to see their responses, claiming they did not spam.

Comment Really good!?!? You must be kidding! (Score 1) 172

I'm kind of astonished to see so many people here running the flash plugin without a problem. Unless the definition of 'without a problem' changed somewhere.
I run it in Ubuntu (karmic, 64-bit) and it sure is the worst piece of shitware I got. Whenever I have a page with flash plugin, cpu stays fixed at 100% usage (well, at 25%, because luckily I'm on a quad-core). Also, the plugin segfaults more than my tests when I was learning assembly. After a few days turned on, last lines of my dmesg are always something like:

[562380.585402] npviewer.bin[8191]: segfault at ff999ed8 ip 00000000ff999ed8 sp 00000000ffe4d0ec error 14
[565094.972209] npviewer.bin[10145]: segfault at 1020000 ip 0000000001020000 sp 00000000ffc9727c error 14 in npviewer.bin[8048000+23000]
[572699.544263] npviewer.bin[11284]: segfault at ff999ea8 ip 00000000ff999ea8 sp 00000000fff58c0c error 14
[575806.593733] npviewer.bin[14840]: segfault at ff999ea8 ip 00000000ff999ea8 sp 00000000ffebc38c error 14

npviewer.bin is the flash plugin.
Really, am I the only one who has any problems with this? Sometimes, it even hangs firefox for several seconds before giving back control.

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